Watering after flushing for harvest

I’m a first-time grower so I’m learning this as a completely new process. My question is I’m planning on doing my flush two weeks prior to my harvest but not sure what the procedure is for the final two weeks after my flush. I live in Southern California where it has been over 100° daily for the last week plus so I’ve been keeping my plants and only partial sunlight but with that heat they are going to still need water but I’m not sure what I should be giving them Other than pH balanced water for the remaining two weeks or will that water From the flush be enough to last them for the final two week period? I’m basically just trying to figure out do I continue watering them after my final flush assuming they don’t need any additional water because of the extensive heat.


Just looked it up myself. Just use ph’d water and water normally last two weeks. Happy growing.


Just water as you normally would with PHed water only.

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Like the others said just plain ph’d water