Watering a hempy pot from start to finish

Hey hope y’all are well! Got another question on hempy bucket … when I put the rock wool seedling into the coco I understand that you water it until fluid runs out the hole and check periodically the weight and when it’s bout 1/2 the full weight water again, 1 is this watering always with nutrients on every watering or a schedule like plain water and then a watering of nutrients , and 2 the runoff that comes out the hole is that reusable or toss it on the garden? Thanks again guys n galsu

In coco you water with full strength nutrients every day. Most do. I do. Some don’t.

Coco is an innert medium. The plants only get what you give them. There are no nutrients coming from the medium. In fact. Coco as it dries and breaks off it eats some of the calcium. So technically the plants get less than you give them. But not by a considerable amount.


How bout runoff toss it?

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Another question tia, watering rock wool cubes while germinating, keep water in bottom of tray or soak rockwool and not have it sitting in water ? Thanks again