Watering 10 gallon fabric pot in flower

How much and how often should a plant be watered when growing in 10 gallon fabric pot in flower?

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You’re going to have to give more details about the growing medium for the best answer in your situation


I agree. Providing more info on your grow will help us give you the information you need. What type of media are you using? Greenhouse in 10s or indoor tent grow? What strain? Photo or auto? Any photos of your set up will help out also.


That is not an easy answer to give. It depends on not only the size of the plant but the environment it resides in, the type of medium, the makeup of that medium as well as the condition of the plant. The best answer I can give, and this goes for ALL plants indoor, outdoor, big or small. Water until 15-20% runoff. When to water is easiest to discover by lifting the pot it will be quite lite when its dry vs its fully watered expression. When I water my 5 gal pots it takes 1 gal of water to achieve desired runoff %. So gotta figure it will take you AT LEAST 2 gallons of water to propperly hydrate your soil.


What sort of medium are u using is it soil or coco coir or is living soil .cause these mediums can handle water at different rates

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I only have an outdoor grow right now and I do a one Mississippi count, per gallon of the pot using the garden hose. I am in living soil, outdoors and using EarthDust.

If I see a plant pouring water out the side of the bag, I stop and come back for a few more Mississippi’s.

Not scientific at all.

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I’m in 4x4 tent. Mars hydro fc 4800.
In fox farm ocean forest soil.
10 gallon fabric pots. GG#4 and zkittles fem’s

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Lift the pot before an after watering and check the weight. As mentioned also depends on temperature an environment How quick the pot will dry out an how big the plant is. 10 gallon fabric pot water to run off A rough guess 3 days.
Good luck

Humidity between 40 and 50% and temperature when lights on 80 to 83/ with lights off 71 to 75 degrees.

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I go 3 days in between water or feeding with 7 gallon fabric pots about the same numbers except lights off temp. a little cooler.

Let water run out and wait 3 days and repeat?

If you mean runoff, yes. Water until 15% runoff ( 2.5 cups is 15% of a gallon) it will take 3-5 days during veg for a plant to use a full watering. Lift the pot after watering. It will be heavy. Lift it again in 3 days, if it needs water the pot will feel empty by comparison. Obviously the soil weighs something but dry soil is quite lite. You can get a cheap soil moisture probe (12 bucks at walmart or amazon) and use it to get a feel for what is dry vs what isnt. Water when the probe gets to 1 or 2 on dry side of scale. Start to lift the pot and check your estimation vs the meter. You wont need it anymore by the time you are getting through flower. A large flowering plant can need watering everyother day sometimes.

Got it thanks.
Now how about nutrients, should it be every other watering?

Using advanced nutrients, micro, grow, bloom

Check ph after adding currently using the same dropped by 1.5 average even though it’s supposed to be ph perfect

How did you get your PH back up?

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I just used ph up to bring it up then watered I do the same on off days just add cal/mag.Ph up and down can be bought cheap and easy to use

Athena has a product called Balance that is used as a ph up in their line of nutrients. It’s derived from potassium silicate. So it has other benefits.

I would recommend ph adjusting your water prior to adding nutrients to it. Athena recommends as well.
There is a chemical reaction that causes a white cloud in your solution that supposedly knocks some things out of play like magnesium.

The key is to get the amount of ph up needed to get your water in range recorded, and use tham amount prior to adding nutes. pH should land in line. Hope that helps make things look better, and grow better for you.

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