Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink

Howdy Folks! Hope everyone is doing good on this Sunday morning.

I had a long ‘think’ last night about a few things I read here on the forums and watching some TY vids on cannabis growing. I noticed that in 99% of all ‘Teas, Slurries and Nute’ water, large growers use air stones before feeding. Although I’ve not used a ‘Tea’ yet (a real tea, not just a molasses rinse) I’m getting to that point where I’ll need to start adding nutrients back into the soil to finish out the bloom. This is where my ‘long think’ kicks in. Being a little farmer (3 plants at maximum) is it worth it or even feasible to throw a air stone into my jugs to benefit the big picture?

I live very close to an urban area and we have some pretty choice water. Out the tap 7.4-8.2pH. I fill each jug with HOT water, leave the water reach room temp and the top off for a few days to let the chlorine evaporate. Usually I leave the jug sit for 3-5 days before adding nutes and pH adjusting prior to watering. If I don’t use the whole thing within 12-24 hours, I dump it and will prepare a new jug for the next time. Each jug is pH adjusted to 6.5pH or as close as possible to it when time for watering.

Keep in mind, I keep all jugs out of sunlight, in the dark, sealed up after the chlorine evaporation, with a date on the side so I know how long it sat.

My question is: Would adding an air stone to my rotation of jugs help keep the water fresh? or am I operating on such a small scale, it wouldn’t make a difference? Is storing water safe for the plants?

Any info, experience, personal accounts are sincerely appreciated, because I’m new and want to succeed in this adventure. You fine folks sure know a LOT and I’m here to mine for nuggets of wisdom.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my dumb post.


I would say 100% that an added air stone will benefit any microbes and increase the shelf life of your tea as well. Aeration of your water is always a good thing as well


Sounds like you have a good system worked out. I say it wouldn’t hurt to add one in, it will oxygenate the water and help keep it from stagnating.

In mine I have a 30 gallon reservoir that takes about 6 hours to fill from my reverse osmosis filter. I don’t like to dump the water so I have a fountain pump agitating the water by creating a fountain inside the reservoir.


I really appreciate the info gentlemen.
$20 isn’t going to make or break me so an air pump and stone is in order.

Thanks guys.