Water Water everywhere how are we doing?

I was wondering if anyone could take a look. Flowering week 6. I am a thinking I need to keep a close eye on the yellowing leaves. I fed 1.5 quarts of 4-14-14 today. Should I keep this up or, change the feeding routine/mix? I was hoping for some advice on this grow. I have a link to my other post on this. I think this belongs in a Journal now.


@MacGyverStoner, can you take a look at my progress?

It looks relatively healthy.

Depending on strain, it might need to be a little darker green and this might indicate not enough nitrogen…


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Thanks @MacGyverStoner! That’s what I was looking for. I am very nervous about giving Nitrogen. They are White Widow and Gold Leaf. I will give them the 4-14-14 for a while. They have been feed 4-14-14 1.5 quarts per plant for 2 cycles now. 2 times in one week. They appear to be doing well with that. They darkened up a bit and the yellowing has slowed. I will hold it there and, watch the color. I will stop feeding the last week.