Water water everywhere am I on track?

I hate giving advice on time. It’s one of my weaknesses because…I just don’t feel the flow of time very well. Plus, I’m not familiar with Gold Leaf and the rate at which she matures.

I would wait a couple weeks. At least one. Then start your flush. I qualify this statement with not being able to properly see the coloration of your trichs.

I would feel more comfortable with you taking advice from those familiar with that strain.

Patience Grasshopper…


they look to have doubled in size from the previous photos in just a couple of weeks…and they will get bigger and better in all the right places in the coming weeks…if you can make it!
the hairs are dying back, but still a lot of white ones to go

watch the trichs, you have to decide, cloudy, amber, how much of each, how much longer you can wait, the plant’s health, weather…


This is for every member of the forum…

Did you guys know you can zoom in on pictures that are posted?

If you click on a picture, it will pop up in window that is slightly more zoomed in than the posted pic.

BUT, here’s the trick, if you click on that photo again, once it’s already in a separate window, you will zoom in about 10x more on the pic.

For his posted pic, @bmorgil I can zoom all the way in and see all his trichs. Check it out guys!

From what I see, you need at least another 2 weeks. All trichs are clear still :v:


Great help there @ktreez420! Being able to zoom in on a picture that has already been zoomed made a world of difference!

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Thanks for that Lil bit of info about pics @ktreez420


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Thanks @ktreez420! I was trying to figure out how to make my camera do a macro shot lol. Just a few keystrokes away! Big help on the timing. I now have regained patience. :slight_smile:

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@bmorgil, nice grow :sunglasses:, im a new grower myself I know now that the 2 best purchases ive made were: A $15 usb microscope for trichs and a $6 analog soil moisture/light/water meter, its not the most accurate tool i have now but I use it soley for soil moisture for my seedlings, pop that baby in the soil gently and BAM, results. My first 5 seeds planted were over watered by me before I bought that cheesy meter and after Ive never had to see another black rotted seedling root again.

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@Gsxrspankya1, Can you tell me the brand/type USB scope you use? I have a $6 dielectric moisture, PH, light meter. I agree, once you know what it is indicating , they work well enough. I took a bucket of soil, and dampened it up. Then at various stages of wet, I “calibrated it” with my finger. From then on, with that make up /PH of soil, it will indicate a reading you can use. They work like a battery, so soil make up changes the readings. I have a hand held 100x lupe. I wanted to get a USB scope but, I was told the resolution was poor on the inexpensive ones. It seems to me you can say this isn’t so.

I have been planning on getting this one…

I have the mm-300 version of that. They work great. I was wondering how the digital ones work. Might be nice to view it on the big screen :computer:. I hear its bad resolution unless you pay a lot.

Hey, I’m back. Man, the ladies look very proud. Nice job.

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Your tricombs look fairly opaque, I’d say you are within the window of good.

With my phone I can double tap on the pic and get an extreme closeup. Well, not double tap so much as tap once then again after the pic loads. I’ve found this to be amazing. If I get a closeup pic then upload it , I can tap the pic twice and look at hairs so close and clear it’s super cool.

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Welcome back home!:sunglasses:

@rjw71, hey good to hear from you! Your advise was solid. The rest of the team helped me through also. @ktreez420 hit it right on the money. In exactly 2 weeks from his prediction I had some good indication of amber appearing. I am testing the first of it now. It is smooth as silk. 2 weeks left on the cure however. It’s in jars now. Not a lot of smell or taste but, very smooth at this point. Very strong. Thanks a ton @rjw71, one of the best pieces of advice in the game for outdoor growers I have read. quote @rjw71 “Don’t feed it till it needs it” . Perfect :slight_smile:


I too have found good help here, glad I could help. Wish I could help sample some. :slight_smile: