Water water everywhere am I on track?

Hello all. I have spent a bit of time on the forum looking at the great info. I have found my biggest newbie search and question is also a lot of others big question. How do I tell if the water amounts I give are correct and timely? This is a great Guide http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/overwater-underwater/ . It seems to me at the seedling stage things are critical. I have drowned at lest 20 seeds in the last few tries! I am having a good try at it now I believe because I have sprouts. I am following this path of what I think is the “best practice” for BASIC success from what I have read here. I think the following practice might be called the beginners best chance.

24 hour seeds soak in water
1 pint cardboard “Jiffy” pots filled with seed starter
Soak the pots till water runs out the bottom and let them stand for a few hours till water stops dripping out
Outside full sun
Mist 3 times a day keeping the soil moist on top as the soil drys
GL and WW up in 3 days
5 days transplant into 5gal pails with holes in the bottom (timing is required by environment)

Should I continue misting 3 times a day keeping soil moist on the top? Or should I water with 2 liters or so of water?
I am worried at this intersection. How much water now and when? There is a lot written and, I think I have read I need to give them a good dose of water soon perhaps 2 times per week soaking it deep? I wonder if I am right! Am I on the right path great pedagogues?

It is probably better to saturate then let nearly dry before anouther saturation. Your roots are headed south so a dry-ish top won’t hurt. Being in full sun will cause her to use the water faster as well as drying from the top. I’m afraid bottom may get too dry if you mist only top of dirt. These girls are survivors. Don’t forget, nutrients too soon is a bad thing.let them show you that they need some.


Thanks rjw71. I will follow that advice. I don’t plan to give any nutrients. I will stop misting as a watering method. Next I will check the soil down an inch or so and saturate if it is dry. Let it dry and water again. Correct me if I am wrong and, thanks again!

Checking the bottom somehow may hurt roots, so just go ahead and water no matter what. Just make sure all excess water drips out. If she ever gets super dry let the water stay in your catch tray just long enough for roots to pull the water it needs back into the dirt that may not have absorbed enough yet. I have noticed when she gets a good dense root ball the center won’t always saturate when you water she needs a minute to sponge water it needs back up into dry spots.

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OK got it. Keeping an eye on the catch tray will definitely help me gauge.

OK staying with the saturate and dry watering process. 15 days now and great success so far. I saturated per your advice. I have not watered since! The plants look great. I can see that the water seems to wick up in the middle of the bucket around the stem. Not much but you can see a slight discoloration in the soil. I am getting ready to saturate again but, the plants seem to not need it yet. I will watch for any sign of wilting. I also have a moisture gauge I will stick it in away from the roots. I don’t really trust the gauge, I am looking for any indication of moisture. I am shy about watering again since I have drowned so many. Right now the plants certainly seem to enjoy the sun and dry conditions.

Hey, sounds great. If the pot is feeling kinda light I touch the bottom dirt to confirm just how dry she is. I’ve heard that you should not allow medium to dry to the point of shrinkage. If there is a gap around the inside I believe the concern would the exposed roots would be effected.

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Though mine have done that a few times. I like to let them get noticeably light before I water again. But I have been trying for no shrinkage.

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rjw71, so glad you are here with advice. I checked with my two prong $19 moisture gauge down about 6 inches. It shows a lot of moisture. It seems the bucket is drying logically. From the top and the sides. I can see your point on the drying away from the sides. That surely will start to happen. Is it a concern over light hitting the roots? I could prevent that by making sure I keep the soil pushed down along the sides. I could also try to put a little moisture along the sides if they dry to fast. Another question for you. Will the 5 gallon pot eventually limit the growth of the plant? In other words will it reach a point where there is no more room for roots in the bucket and the plant stops growing? Would this be root bound and kill the plant? I would like to limit the growth to what can be achieved in a 5 gal bucket.

rjw71, I noticed your interest in the GL strain from another post back in May. Here’s a look at what you are helping me with. 16 days since they dropped in water. Outside full sun from the begining.

What I have read is to scratch up the surface paying attention to the edge so when you water the stuff won’t drain around the outside. My organic nutes tend to create a layer on the top that take longer for water to drain through so the stuff tends to take the easiest route.

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rjw71, are you still watching me? Ha ha I hope so! Here are some pics at 6 weeks flowering. All 5 plants flowered at the same time. The first pic is the tallest plant. It had a little better soil. The plants are in order, White Widow 3.5’ tall. White Widow 4’ tall. The following 3 are Gold Leaf 3.5 feet tall. All per your teaching. No nutrient till they showed yellowing at the bottom leaves. All the plants received water only until their first week of flower. At that time one was yellowing and proceeding yellow up the middle and the plant was light green. The rest were beginning to look the same. The tall White Widow was good with light green color and minor yellowing. I fed 1-5-5 at first flower and then one week later, 2-7-7 every 2 days after. I am into week 6 of flower now. I am feeding every 2 days 1.5 quarts of water with 2-7-7 for each plant. 2 gallons of water each plant till it runs out the bottom every 2 to 3 days. Watering when the bucket is light and water gauge says light moisture.Things are a bit yellow on the bottom and, the coloring is light green. I did just feed 4-14-14 to see if I could slow the yellowing a bit. I will go back to 2-7-7 next time unless you think I should alter the course. I will apply your advice. Bring me home growing Guru’s! I think am happy so far!

The photos seemed to have jumped around a bit. Let me know if you want me to specifically identify a photo.

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Just in case @rjw71 wasn’t still watching, you want to make sure you use the @ before the name with no space in between.

They’re looking good. I know he will carry you through.

Happy growing!

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Thanks! I was hoping someone would come along and give me insight. I have found this to be a friendly and informative forum. Some very professional people like you on here. Sure has been a ton of help for a beginner. Thanks again. I will wait for more feedback and see if @rjw71 catches a glimpse of the progress.

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I was wondering if anyone could take a look. I am a thinking I need to keep a close eye on the yellowing leaves. I fed 1.5 quarts of 4-14-14 today. Should I keep this up or, change the feeding routine/mix?

they are looking great!
can you post an updated photo to see how they have filled out?
the old leaves should yellow and drop…just wondering how many have died off so far, how far the yellowing has progressed.
better than my attempt at autos. I got sticky buds, just not enough of them compared to my previous indoor grow. I’m abusing it right now!

the feeding is fine on yours, the last number should be the highest at this point, but you seem to be doing ok.

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I will post an update at 8 weeks flowering. Next week sometime. Thanks for watching out with me!

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@kabongster, @FloridaSon, @rjw71, @garrigan62, @MacGyverStoner, @Merk @Paranorman, @ktreez420, All and, those I didn’t mention. I think a big thanks to you is in order here. I am not sure but I think I am good to go. I would like to ask how much longer? And, do they look OK? What should I do different the next time? The grow site will be the same.


Good looking crop. How much longer will have to be determined by you unless you have a very good camera that can show the trichs.

Myself, I like more amber than cloudy. Maybe 60-75 percent. Helps me relax when my back doesn’t want me to.

Can’t wait to see the finished harvest!..

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Get me in the general time frame @FloridaSon. If it were you about how much longer?