Water volume and runoff in Coco per gallon

When watering coco, it’s recommended 20% runoff. Anyone know how much water is actually needed for this to happen per gallon of coco? I’m trying to calculate what I need to buy for a reservoir and my nutes. Thanks!

Mine are in 7 gallon pots and they get about 1.25 gallons each with 20% run off. I use dollar general aluminum baking pans. Turkey size lol


Here is a better pic.

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that’s great, thanks! Yeah i was just looking into how to elevate the bottom rack over some kind of pan. Did you use a freezer shelf? I have a leftover wire shelf from a unit that I’m hoping will fit but if it does, still not sure what/how it attaches to.

Tent is going up today if i can get a friend here to help! Your scrog looks just like I’m planning too :slight_smile:

Lovely! Nice sized space, too.

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It’s just closet shelves on a wood frame all on wheels.

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Thanks!!! Getting full now lol.

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yep, that black shelf is what I have. paint cans! clearly i’ve been overthinking this… lol.

what’s the shorter dimension of your tent? i was thinking of eventually doing 6 plants in my 2x4, but without it up yet it’s hard for me to visualize what that will look like.

My tent is a 4x8x80”

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Haha that’s very easy to do especially at first. Plus I was about to throw those cans out but they work perfect now lol.

i feel like i say that about everything in my house. “eh it’s just temporary” and then two years later I still have all my janky fixes in place and cease to notice.

for those six plants… how long do you typically veg before flipping?

Haha I have not made it to flower yet. But I’m vegging for two months with the ChemDawgs. Gonna flip in about 3 weeks is the plan

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Your first run? Very exciting! I’ll be about two weeks behind you but your operation looks very well thought out. I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants with two photoperiod blue dreams that I never planned on keeping once I figured out that growing outdoors here was likely a no-go, and here I am a thousand dollars lighter and making mods to my house that I swore I’d never do…

Is that a heat lamp in the corner?

Yes it was

i picked a terrible day to try and set up my tent. I want to go to HD or Target SO BADLY RIGHT NOW. ugh. I might die if i have to wait until tomorrow! The posts that come with the black wire shelves should be perfect to set up a SCROG, and you can get them with casters. My 18"x36" shelf is perfect for my new 2x4 tent.

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