Water uptake - Harvest Sign?

Hi all,

I read so much on when to harvest Eg. brown pistols, white pistols, amber trics, cloudy trics, energetic, couchlock etc
I never read about why uptake or qatwr from the plants slows/stops. Why don’t people talk about this more?

Just curious.

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Probably because of so many variables between growers and conditions.
Any number of things can slow or stop uptake of water / feed.
Too cold of a root zone can significantly slow uptake.
Ph off / incorrect etc. over fert. And so on.
If the grow has gone well with no bumps then a slowing in uptake of water feed in late flower can indicate that harvest is near.


Yeah I find it interesting as you could say same about the other “signs” pre harvest.

What is your no1 sign to harvest?

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Trichome maturity


I look at the overall aspect of the plant and it’s flower. I’ve pretty much quit using trichomes as an indicator.


Got any notes for this to share?

If I had to squeeze you on it to pick “the first” indication for you it’s time to harvest….what is that for you?

I certainly look at trichomes. Mostly because they are wonderful to look at under high magnification. I use trichomes to look for harvest window signs. You know the traditional ones. I look for the degree of amber trichomes on the upper sugar leaves. I know these degrade earlier so they make a good measure. The same with ratio of clear to cloudy trichomes on the bud. Am I seeing a few amber here and there?
But when it actually comes down to harvesting, I rely heavily on the physical appearance of the plant. I also throw into the mix what the harvest routine will entail. Flush or no flush? For how long? Pre-harvest dark period or none?
With using Jack’s I have pretty much settled on a week of water with Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish. Then turn off the lights and let them hang out. Lights out is very low priority - I take it or leave it.
These were taken about a week before harvesting. Time to start the countdown

These thing amaze me every time I look at them


Beautiful pics!

Mention a couple other hot topics, flush or not to flush

How often do you do lights out period?

I guess I don’t really count what I do as Flushing in the traditional sense. I simply stop using nutrients. I want moisture onboard when I cut to maximize dry time. There is a good research article from RX Green Technologies about the benefit / lack there of flushing.
Maybe 50/50 on dark time. If I have the time and space I will do the dark period. If it doesn’t work out, nothing is lost. I don’t really think it significantly changes the quality.


Especially with Jack’s this is really all I need to do.

Beardless covered the highlights of what I look for: late flower foxtails are a sure indicator plant is ready to harvest, for example. Bulk of the flowers, density, overall color etc. all play into my harvest window.


Interesting, I have found as I gain experience, I’m going in that direction also. I may check them once, but don’t keep looking at them repeatedly.


@Myfriendis410 sorry to bug you. You say you stop using Jack’s. When do you stop? I’m in coco and Jack’s and have an auto that is 2-3 weeks out from harvest.

Usually about a week before harvest. Water only.

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Mine are foxtailling now. But white pistols and tric clear?

Thanks all for your replies.

This girl sprouted 1st Sept. this has been a very long grow!

It is starting to foxtail, not taking up water, mostly white pistols, trics look clear through jewellers loop.

Thoughts @beardless @Myfriendis410 @Bulldognuts

@diz those are probably done.

Truth. Guys are now flowering autos longer than photos of the same strain trying to chase amber

These are autos

How old?

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Have you had pistles turn rust colored and then start receding? Also have you had new white pistles popping up after others started receding? It appears you have some foxtailing, which will cause new pistle growth. With all of the white pistles showing I’m not to sure that it’s quite ready yet. You may need to get a good look at the trichomes, if you still have plenty of clear I’d give her some more time.

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