Water types....R.O / Tap/ filtered/store bought/ Rain water

Okay Last year I grew only Autos outdoors. I used R.O. store bought water. It got to be $ much…Then over the winter I collected rain water I had about 60 gallons only that I could save from run off into two 30+ gallon garbage cans… I filled up all the plastic gallon jugs I saved and when spring came around this year I used them up…Of course I needed more so I started using the water we drink from the G.E. filter in our fridge…Its from the municipal city water supply…Now these filters claim to take out all the nasty stufff including pesticides and pharmaceuticals etc…It says it "eliminates foul tastes and chlorine “tastes” …Doesn’t really say removes chlorine (I do let it sit for days while I fill others to use and sit.) I know my water district uses the dreaded Chloramine but I don’t think my filter takes it out?..Bottom line is I haven’t seen any issues with it and have recently been experimenting with my second (new 1 month old) crop of autos with 1/2 to 3/4 straight tap and the rest filtered. My first Photo Romulan is in a 45 gallon fab pot and that lil ho is taking a few gallons a day!!! So any suggestions? My thoughts were it would be nice to save all the rain that runs off in winter but I haven’t the room for a few hundred gallon containers Lol… well I do but it wouldn’t sit well with the family… If the straight tap is okay I may stick with that? Or was thinking on getting a stand alone R.O. system…Ive already burned through two GE filter replacements @ about $48.00 +. All opinions are appreciated…tell me how you do it? (p.s. I know there’s a thred or two about it but not exactly what im talking about or its years old…Thanks!


I have the RO buddy from Amazon
It is a 4 stage filter system and brings my tap water from 420 ppm to 0 ppm,gotta love that.
It’s $59.99
I have used it for about 8 months straight with no issues.

Have you tested your tap water? At my old house I could use a simple inline charcoal filter on my hose to remove the chloramine and watered straight from the hose. At my new place I had to install an ro system then I mix the ro 50/50 with tap water and add a pinch of vitamin C to neutralize the chloramine and lowers the ph from 7.7 to 6.8 this fluctuates a little depending on the size of my pinch lol. I have to do the whole ro thing because the tap water has a tds reading of almost 600 ppm

Thanks…Gave me a few options/ideas!

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