Water treatment before water coco / Soil

Ok I have been doing DD on the water Stones , An aerating before watering…
I came up with both.
So I took 2 of my 5 gallon buckets 2in pipe at the bottom… pumping one into the other. With air Stones going as well. Lol. I do believe I’m just wasting my time tho … not sure .
Anything else I can add that probably dont need :joy:


Use a large aquarium heater to warm water up to around 69-70 degrees… No stone just pvc with holes in it…My water coming out the tap at 54 degrees it’s a little brrrr!

Got the print online at some college in like Oregon university (I think it was lol)

Looks good , but I basically have this on a small scale :wink:… I was thinking about the pvc deal . I seen alot of people talking about it . I’m just not sure what the deal is with the Ph going up with the air Stones. I always use rainwater an never had a problem until I trying to add things to it. .
May just go back to keeping it in milk jugs, I never even checked the ph an never had any problems…
Have a great day my friend…

Could make that on a smaller a scale in 5 gal buckets but for the ph man I have to check mine always. everyone or most here tests ppm run off I’ve never ever done that and don’t plan on it. Not new to this! Whats works I figure go with it and to each there Own but ph is a big deal indeed.Just bought and got in yesterday a new water filtering system. Oh I’ve found ph does go up with oxygenated water. Don’t know the why or specifics I just adjust…I know through out the year ground water ph changes as well. Mines higher right now then during the summer and a guy 6 miles away his is lower… I roll with what ever and adjust and is a must to filter. My opinions and opinion only and I approve this message…And you have a great day as well thanks!

You know what this means… I need to calibrate my stupid pen lol.
Any other things you know that can raise & lower ph ?.
I’m going to be stuck home a few days . If worse case what can I use around the house I guess is my question…
Thank you sir…

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Guess depends on if you’re making teas and what your putting in them.If just rain water I’d think the rain isn’t going to be always the same on ph… Ask Al Gore :rofl::joy::joy::rofl:… And yeah better recalibrate your pen. Cheap ones work good but always have to recalibrate them a lot in my experience anyway… Bought a good one and keep the cheap ones around for back up…I’ve never used a air stone but could it be the plastic leaching into the water? I dunno about those and no experience with them…:thinking::thinking::man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

It’s not off much , I just ordered the up down be here tomorrow lol… the buckets running ph 7.01
In the jugs 6.5ish . And for the most part it Honestly doesn’t move much … hopefully it rains today an I can fill my system back up. I may just go back to jugs… but hey I wanna be cool like the kids lol… That’s when I have problems. Ask my wife :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I dunno old guy but the kids I always said will be the death of us all :rofl:

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that’s my rain out the jug :wink:

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Looks like the same other two I have :+1:t2:

I was gonna do rain water but spent money on new 5” gutters and down spouts didn’t wanna jack with it after that…Sorry I’d have gotten back with u a bit ago but had an industrial eye accident awhile ago :cry: :man_facepalming:

Still recovering :upside_down_face:

Sorry to hear that , all good. Its Saturday… my time to play in the " Garden " :+1:
Thanks for the input…

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Grew those a small red hot peppers and when we harvest them we needle and thread them and hang up to dry. I was about to answer a guy on here just started to type to him and my eye itched and I rubbed my eye and this was probably 2-3 hrs after I crunched up all those red peppers :hot_pepper: … washed hands guess wasn’t enough. Never had so much pain in my eye ball my whole life… Terrible!

Nothing like pepper spraying yourself & cup a joe to get the day started :rofl:

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Funny now but wasn’t lol severe to say the least :joy: then added to my pain my 100 pound shepherd wanted to jump on me while in pain… I’ll be ok hahaha! Damn!

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