Water till harvest or dry

About 10 days or so to go do i keep watering or let them dry out a bit??

Water only, I stop at 48 darkness last 2 days, but that’s just me wait an get some more opinions

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Same I usually put in the dark on a day I should water but dont, otherwise your starving them at one of the most important times the ripening phase


ok no nuts now didnt know if i should continue watering. I use a lot of perlite so its easy to dry out. Also my first try thanks.


I water all the way up to the last 2 days. Like as I’m putting in the tent for 48 hrs of darkness, just before the chop is its last drink,

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ok that sounds reasonable i wasnt sure i will keep them a little wet and see.

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In soil I usually watered day before the day of last light, so they get a couple complete day cycles to dry it up some, don’t want to start the 48 hours of dark too wet (drives up humidity) or bone dry.


That is what i will do and by the way its been interesting reading your advice thanks.


Ive latched onto hellraisers posts and advice, definately educational grow journals. Gonna have to get him a xmas present ! :rofl: