Water temps range


How do I keep my water temp in range. Is this a matter of circulation and air mixture. Using 27 gal tote ph ranges are easier to maintain. My goal is around 67 here in Florida


If your water is too hot you can always freeze bottles of water and put them in there for your temperatures I know it’s a pain but it works


@Hogmaster I really like that suggestion Hog, :+1:


I’m in a similar situation. I live in the tropics and am currently at the end of the coldest part of the year, with summer not far away getting 40’c+ (Grow tent in air con room at 24’c max).
I am running a Drain to Waste system and the water in my tote is at a constant 22.5’c at feeding time 6am. (night temp dropping to 21’c.)
My tote is 55l, has a medium size (1200l/hr) aquarium pump on 15 every 4 hour to keep water movement. 2x 10cm air stones running 24/7
I had the fish pump running 24 hour before feeding hoping it would help my pH fluctuation, only to raise my water temp to 30’c.to which I had to use the frozen bottle technique, a 3l bottle dropped it real quick, then plains at around 18’c after an hour, then climbs again, a 2am wake up every day to drop a bottle in a res sounds like a pain in the ass for a 4 plant system in a 4x4 tent!!
Questions, @Hogmaster and friends.
Will a bigger tote help, I’m going bigger anyway.
Airstones, I know the res needs O2, can they adjust the temp? I’m thinking of changing to larger stones. Any home made “air chillers” (opposite of a copper coil running through hot water, or a cold air version of a “worm” in an alcohol stil?)?.
What would be the optimal temp in my scenario?
Any help appreciated.


P.S. My $2 digital aquariun thermometer reads 23.2-23.8’c yet my $120 temp calibrating pH pen says 22.5’c, who do I trust!! How can everything in my room be 24’'c yet my water 22.5!! Probably because it’s on the ground, right?!!