Water Tempature and a another?

What is the best temp. for watering my room and ro water is in my basement and with it getting cold was wondering if I should keep water in room. Also should I put something under the plants so there not on cold concrete.



What temp is your grow room?

What temp is the floor?

The water should be at room temperature. MJ plants love their room to be at about 75 degrees so if you water is colder it should be jugged up and placed into the grow room to warm up before you use it.


I always allow my water to come up to room temp
I keep a bubble stone in bitb of my buckets as well ill keep 2 5 gal buckets filled at all times ao it’s ready when i need it

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 Congrats. on being Mentors right now I have seedlings room is 80 with 60% humidity. I will jug it up and keep in room it’s already 66 in my basement I thought about sitting plants on 2x4 so they won’t be on floor. Thanks


I sit mine on bricks! Works great! @Gonnatry2

Thanks for that as well!