Water system assistance

Hello everyone. I am on my first grow and wanted to set up some auto watering. I took a 5 gallon bucket and I got a fish tank pump. I have about 3.5 feet of tubing coming out of the pump with 2 t’s. East t has a 3 inch mister head on it. The end of the tube I filled with silicone like a plug.

The pump has awesome pressure with out the plug. With the plug water barley gets to the 2nd mister. When I remove the plug water shoots out the end like a garden hose.

So is some type of a return required for it to work properly?

Not sure this will work for what ya wanna do. But you are probably placing ti mich pressure on the little pump and restricting the output.

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A pressure regulator downstream of the pump is required. I’ve found what I shop for on IrrigationDirect. I agree that this market requires a cost effective , less than 5 pc., ready-to-go, drip irrigation system!

@Bobby20 wont a pressure regulator further reduce the output? Did I read it wrong, thought he looking for.more pressure.

The regulator should come with the appropriate kinetic air vent and vacuum relief valve fitting as well. Regulates pressure and prolongs pump life. The pump is trying to pump air. It cannot.It becomes air bound.

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I’ve tried using misters and tubing, but never really had a water pump strong enough to create the pressure needed.
I ended up building a 5 gallon bucket system, with PVC. Instead of misters, I have a couple of little plastic sprinkler heads inside each bucket. I’ve been growing with the sprinkler heads for years and I’m happy with the results. Just an idea to throw at you.