Water schedule for soilless medium

So I have 5 seedlings sprouted 6 days ago. I started the seeds in jiffy seed starter. It’s mostly spagnum peat. Having trouble with a watering/nutrient schedule.
Can anyone help?


@Redeyedranger It’s way to early for nutrients what do you plan on putting them in ? Just spray 2times a day till they get bigger and your ready to transplant we like pictures if you have any

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I plan to put them in 5 gal fab pots with some sort of potting soil. I tried the spray twice a day thing and it got way too dry so I’ve beenjoyed guessing pretty much. I give theme about 1o squurts each about every 4 hrs

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Dependant on how far away your light source is and other variables your soil could dry faster. If you feel as if your past the stage of just “misting” for my young Veg of about day 8-15 I was doing a total of 6 oz a day top watered. Every plant is different, every grow is different, I was able to do 2oz in the morning, 2oz afternoon, 2 oz evening and repeat and get away with it. Most will say it’s better to water once a day and not numerous times but until you get comfortable watering and reading your plants you might find watering less at a time easier for you to prevent over watering. It all comes with experience, research, and patience. Your plant will do it’s best to tell you what it needs, pay attention and document every day in a journal and or with pictures to fall back on. Happy growing!

Also- as @Hogmaster said, it’s way too early for nutes. Your soil will typically have the required nutes to carry your plant just about it’s first month. Do some reading through the Grow bible it helped me tremendously.

Thanks @FNG101v2 I appreciate the info

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Hey guys thanks for help. I started a grow journal. Purple haze if you wanna follow