Water PH question

I am trying to get my water ph correct. My water out of my faucet is around 7.3. Have some ph down. If I just put a small bit(just a couple drops) and stir it drops to 6.4. I let it set it goes up Am I doing anything wrong or do you have to use it only at watering time. I have an Apera PH20I am testing with.I think I am using right. Seems pretty straightforward. Any help appreciated !!!

I had a similar problem and mine was that my testing meter was not calibrating correctly. I was using 4.0 solution to calibrate my meter. I got advice here to get some 7.0 solution to calibrate and calibrate every time I use the meter. I don;t know if this is your problem or not but helped me.

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What is the tds of your water. I know it’s impossible to test ph of ro water. @Myfriendis410 can probably tell you more

You tap water is buffered. This is not uncommon especially if the source is a well. Continue adding pH down a bit at a time keeping track of the total. You eventually hit the break point and then your pH will behave. Use the total as a reference for next time so it doesn’t take as long to hit your target pH.


@GoneFission got you covered


When you add pH adjuster, be sure to wait 5 minutes before taking a reading with your meter to get accurate results.

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I have been doing a gallon at a time to get it figured out. Do you need to stir or just let it set?

Just give it a little bit of a shake/stir after you put the drops in, then let it sit for 5 minutes.

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