Water PH or Lack of nutrients?

I am new to organics.

I was using store bought spring water and everything was looking good. I bought a smallboy filter for my tap and watered with it for a week or so and these problems came on. The tap PH was high at 7.8. I just went back to the original spring water in case the water is the issue. The spring water is @ 6.6. I have watered them twice since the switch back to the spring water, once with a dose of recharge.

Any thoughts on the best way to recovery?

Build a soil light


Just curious, why the small containers? Do you intend to transplant to larger pots?


They were clones that we’re sent to me a few weeks ago. I don’t plan to run them now, I was just trying to get them healthy and figure out the best way to keep them as small mothers for the future.


They need to be transplanted into bigger pots transplant them into a five gallon fabric pot or if you dont have much room then go a three gallon fabric pot

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Youre implying that it’s a lack of nutrients not PH? The larger plants are in 1gallon fabric pots. I was about to clone them then this happened.

Plant needs a transplant (root bound) Also purchase some PH up-and-down , To achieve the sweet spot. very cheap Good luck


And :pray: ty for your help

Its not so much about the nutrients with ur plants they need more root space there root bound

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The yellowing between veins is a indication of ph fluctuations. But I believe that you do need to transplant to a bigger pot. :+1:


Thanks everyone. Im going to transplant all to 3gallons today. I will report back in a few days.

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Good to know. How long does it usually take to see the effects of PH fluctuations?

I transplanted the little ones today? I presume this qualifies as root bound?


I haven’t come across a root bound issue with cannabis. I’ve grown plants from seed to harvest in solo cups. I have a 5’ plant almost ready to harvest in a 1 gallon pot. Really looks like they need more water. When they run out of water they will suck the nutrients from the leaves. Smaller pots require much more frequent watering.


Thats pretty solid root development imo. Not quite rootbound but well on the way.

Also the yellowing between the veins @Bulldognuts pointd at is a Magnesium deficiency. Some calmag mixed into future waters is recommended. Not much tho, start around half strength recommended.


Makes sense.

Do you think this was the only issue or was the PH fluctuation part of it? It sounds like youre saying to keep the dry backs less extreme and it will solve the issue?

Yeah with that small of pots you’re looking at watering multiple times a day. Being organic you shouldn’t have ph issues. Really looks like underwatering is the problem.

How long does it take for things to normalize in soil?

What things? How long does the plant take to spring up after watering? Usually a couple hours.

I should have been more specific. How long do they take to get their color back and general health? The leaves on the smaller ones are pretty light yellow in color. The pics darken them a bit

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Typically when the leaves lose their color it means the plant already consumed what’s in them and the leaves don’t recover. What you’re looking for is new growth that comes out and stays green.

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