Water PH and Dolomite lime

What’s going on fella Growers… so my question is this, do I need to adjust water PH if I’m using Dolomite lime in soil? Soil I am referring to is organic living soil fed with dry fertilizer once per month. Thanks for the feedback in advance!


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Lime helps buffer pH, but it is still necessary to ensure that your runoff pH is still in range.

@MidwestGuy Thanks for the reply my friend. I do see what you mean and what you’re saying is absolutely true. It does not however apply to my situation because living soil does not require water until runoff. You want to keep soil wet but not too wet because it slows down microbiology in soil and does more harm than good. I have been watering 6.4 to 6.5 and plants are averaging about an inch of growth per day so, very good! It’s extremely hot where I live and I have to water often so that’s the reason I was wondering about adjusting water pH. If I didn’t have to mix buckets of water up every few days for these and instead water from hose, it would be amazing!