Water PH 7.0 help


I have 2 sources of water, spring and well.
Both read 7.0 PH what’s the best organic way to adjust this to where it should be? @Hogmaster @bob31


I’m not sure on that one @hillbilly103 maybe @Niala may have some insight. I think hog got tied up today.


@Niala help how do I get the ph of my water down organically?


@hillbilly103 I would have to say lemon


Thanks I’ll give it a try


Your Welcome.

Note: Real Lemon works best.


Lemon juice. I use ascorbic acid which is organic but extremely concentrated.


Get some citric acid, which is the organic version of the nitric and phosphoric acids.
Sure you can get it simply in any shop!

Or you can directly buy the Lemon Kick of Plagron, it’s 100% organic :wink: