Water on leaves

Diff between rain and putting water on plant?

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It’s cloudy when it rains, it’s ok to spray your plants as long as you do it just as lights go off. If you spray while lights are on the droplets become magnifying glasses and burns your plants. I won’t spray anything on my plants once they are budding because the moisture stays in the buds and there’s a risk of mold. I’ve lost many plants to bud rot on outdoor plants


All things being equal? Absolutely no difference. I have a misting sprayer I use for my seedlings, clones, vegetating plants and flowers. I’ll mist the plant daily at first, every other day for veg and weekly for my flowers.

Add something to the water or have extreme lighting and you’re on your own.

Ever been to East Texas? Right now it’s sunny. The clouds all look dark, but the sun shines bright. I stand a good chance of getting rain and scorching sun within minutes of each other. It will happen multiple times over the next few weeks. I will do nothing to mitigate the magnifying effects of the raindrops because there are none. It doesn’t happen. It’s not a thing. Not in cannabis.

"Many gardeners swear you should not water in the midday because water droplets on plants can magnify the sun’s rays and burn leaves. But the idea has never been rigorously tested, until now.

“This is far from a trivial question,” said biophysicist Gabor Horvath at Eotvos University in Budapest, Hungary. “The prevailing opinion is that forest fires can be sparked by intense sunlight focused by water drops on dried-out vegetation.”

Horvath and colleagues used both experiments and computer modeling to figure out the physics that goes on. The results varied depending on the type of leaf.

On smooth surfaces, such as a healthy maple leaf, no leaf burn occurred.

But on leaves with small wax hairs, such as those of the floating fern, the hairs were able to hold water droplets above the leaf surface, creating a magnifying-glass effect that gave the leaves a noticeable sunburn."

Now if you live in the desert and haven’t figured out why plants don’t grow well there, you’d do better by not providing a steam bath for your roots by watering any plants in the heat of the day.

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Thank you for this information! You have put my mind at ease.