Water now or wait?

I suspect these girls are suffering from nitrogen deficiency. They are a week after transplant from solo cup to forever pots. They started showing signs the last few days in the solo cups. I thought transplant and start of nutes would resolve the issue, but they’ve gotten worse. I want to give some nutrients but I’m afraid these girls are also suffering from overwatering and the soil still has 3-4 days before I think it will be ready for water. Should I wait, or water and nutrients now?

What sort of soil is in a “forever pot”?

Happy frog
Temps at 75
6.5 ph water
Humidity 20-40
First feeding Advanced nutrients MGB at 1/4 dose at transplant
Spider Farmer 1000 light
2x2 tent

And you’ve never heard of a “forever pot”?

No need to feed for several weeks. The new growth looks fine so just ignore the old growth or cut it off if it bothers you.

A heavy watering every 3-4 days is all you’ll need to do for about a month.

The problem is that it’s creeping up the plant. First it was just the two bottom leaves, then the next two. It clearly has some issue and I don’t think ignoring it is the solution.

Every 3-4 days would be too much water. I use the -how heavy is the pot- method. Right after transplant into 3 gallon pots it takes about 7-10 days before it needs watering.

The happy frog has all the nutrients your plants need so it isn’t a nutrient issue.

If you waited too long before transplanting from solo cup to forever pot the deficiencies started there and unfortunately, once a leaf starts going bad it never gets better, it only gets worse.

How is the new growth looking? That is the most important tell of a plants current health.

I can’t believe it takes 7-10 days to dry out between waterings, especially with a fabric pot that breaths. 4-5 days maybe with new transplants, but once they get established they should need watering at least twice a week.

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Droopy plants are either underwater or overwater. You decide which. Shouldn’t be to hard to figure out. Weight is usually an easy way to tell.
I see dry soil so I lean to underwatered but I may be wrong.

Nope. Looks like a grow bag to me but what do I know

Referring to its final transplant

That’s cute.

Different strokes for different folks

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@MisterSir Hey! What is the water runoff EC/ppm? and what is the pH of your water runoff? Also, I’ve never used advanced nutrients, but do they have calcium in their formulas?