Water meter for monitoring moisture suggestions

I want to monitor the moisture in the soil so I don’t over/under water. I have seen suggestions for purchasing meters on eBay but never see specific types. I have a couple of the 3 way monitors, but would like to put a meter in the soil and leave it. I want one for each pot/plant. Is this a good idea?

Coperthwhite7 made mention of buying them on eBay for $5. How do they work? What size? Etc.

Any and all help is appreciated.


We all pretty much use the ‘lift it up: if it’s heavy it doesnt’ need water’ system. There are folks that do automation which might be something they’d know about but most just water on a schedule.

FYI multiple plants in one pot is generally a bad idea.


Ok thanks. Why do you say multi in a pot is bad idea? I have read many people do beds for multi plants, how is this different?

Hey mate,I have to agree with Myfriendis410 ………multiple plants per pot isn’t the best…

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Plants competing for the same water, nutrients, and light, is always a bad idea, plus insects and disease will contaminate both, it’s less manageable all around with no real gains or upside.

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The plants are fighting for the same space you’ll get the same yield with one plant in a pot as you will with two plants in a pot. Nice looking plants good luck

The standard meters you see that arnt digital are junk.
The digital ones work but they arnt cheap, most people buy one and probe the soil.
Haven’t heard or seen anyone with digital meters in each pot that is then displayed to an app or anything but I gave up on trying to put this into automation and just use the lift or finger to 2nd knuckle test method.

So yeah those ebay monitors are junk.

Now a good idea would be to have a controller that linked to an app that had multiple inputs for probes that would tell mosture, PH & TDS… That would sell

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The thing about an outdoor bed is that the plant can continue to grow roots deeper and deeper and not really compete with the one next to it unless its like 3 inches away. In a pot the volume of soil is limited.
Dont sweat it tho, just next time do one per planter.

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