Water loss and nutrients?

So every day my plants are sucking up half the water in my 5 gallon bucket and I fill it up every day or two. When I do this do I need to add more nutrients or leave it until my next scheduled change? This just started happening when they began to flower.

It is getting close to 90 here now and I am wondering will that effect plants, or do I need to move it from garage to inside?

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Its a combination of everything u mentioned. I assume you are in a hydro bucket?

But plants in flower drink and eat more. The rate of water consumption goes up and the amount in ppms they ‘eat’ go up.

Also the warmer and drier it is. The more hydration the roots will uptake. If possible Id get them somewhere u can better control the environment. Itll only get worse from here


This is essentially the key to it. They go through phases of not as hungry, starving, hungry, and then again not as hungry toward the very end. :v:


So it sounds like I need to learn more about this ppm everyone is talking about. Can someone point me to a link to read about this?

I haven’t watched this video and just picked it from the many on YT. You can find similar videos on YT by searching the words cannabis and PPM if this one isn’t helpful.

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One source for information I always check growweedeasy Dot com
Here is a title to an article

PPM: What It Is and How To Track It

can’t do direct link

A couple ppm charts
Short & sweet- but 1600??? I may push 1200-1300 never close to 1600.

Hannah instruments uses 500 scale. An EC of 1 = 500

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Greets, if your adding water back to the mix then over time your ppm will deplete. The rate this happens is based on total water volume. Lets say you have a good ppm and everything is working as intended. You want to replace the water with “top up solution” that you adjust the strength of by reading the plants. If ppm goes down with water, add more, if not add less. As a start point top up solution should be half strength of what you originally added.

With enough water volume, chiller, and filter system you can keep the same resivor through the entire veg, then the entire flower cycle.

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Does this device measure ppm, or do I need to get another one?

VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo, 0.05ph High Accuracy Pen Type pH Meter ± 2% Readout Accuracy 3-in-1 TDS EC Temperature Meter for Hydroponics, Household Drinking, and Aquarium, UL Certified

If that is the all in one Pen then get it…I have it and it has been great to use…before I wasted money on the cheaper individual pens that seem to fail within a year

I have never been able to push my setup to the 1000ppm mark without my plants showing issues…I top out around 800ppm at my highest level in distilled water

It actually came with 2, one is just for ph.

then that is not the one I have now…I never had good luck with the individual pens…I have been using the VIVOSUN TDS/EC/ph/TEMP all in one pen for over a year now…

the other Pen will measure this…you have to select the mode to switch between PPM and TDS

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I added half my normal and it is 350 now. So instead of doing the basic once a week, it’s better to measure the ppm on a daily basis.

I’m learning.

I’ve got it up to 668 now, do I need to measure ppm daily?

Once I know this it really helps me now. Excellent.