Water issue on vaction

Ok, I know I screwed up. First grow. 2x4 tent. 3 gal cloth pot. Coco. 2, 300w led lights. Fox farms trio on fert. 31 days in. Just starting to flower. Had to leave town for 72 hours (3 full days) Watered very heavy before I left. What can I expect when I return? Other than water heavy again?

I had a similar issue due to family vacation for 3 nights out of town. I was using a hydro setup so I just filled my plants to the top with water and cut down the lights to 80% in addition had the timer set to cut off light for 1 hour during the middle of the day. Kinda like simulating some cloudy weather for a few days.
Came back and it was all good.

So just act like Zeus and give them girls a few days of relief from the heat.

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I wish I could take this advice, but I am already gone. I guess we shall see. Hopefully, this was not a fatal error.

How often were you watering before you left

I started off watering too little, because most advice said to avoid that. I found the coco mostly dried after a day, but I was giving a cup of water or less. Started to water heavier a few days ago and soaked them fully before I left. No longer worried about overwatering. Funny, two people have commented on my posts. One said 3 days no water was fine. The other said the plants would be dead. Guess I will find out tomorrow which is true. My guess is that I will find some very thirsty girls that will recover, but we shall see. First grows are where you learn from your mistakes.


Yes it could go either way.
But coco should be watered daily.
So you might come home to some dry leaves and hopefully not too bad.
Good luck…

In 3 days? I say BS. These are tough hardy weeds!
They might be droopy and very thirsty when you get back, but not dead.
Just cause they are thirsty doesn’t mean to soak the shit out of them.
Go slow, give them like 1/4 their daily water amount wait 1/2 hour to soak in repeat.
You can give them the other 1/2 after that. :+1: :sunglasses:


Thanks for the information. Should return today. Great advice on not watering the shit out of them, because that is what I was going to do. Live and learn


Looking forward to see how they are! We had to leave for three days but luckily they were in the harvest window so I cut them before we left.

I went away a week ago for 6 days. I’m in a coco/soil mix and watered like normal before leaving. I had my son water normally 1 time midweek. Came home and all was good, and actually got surprised, my outside plants all started budding!
You should be fine, let us know!

How about a Like for that post then?

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Got home to find all plants bone dry, but just a little droopy. Watered and they look fine. Now my biggest problem is a 5 foot tent and a couple plants already about a foot from lights. I can raise lights only about another 6 inches. I have a net, but have not used it yet. Any advice on putting up a net ?

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Just to chime in on watering, great to hear everything survived.

The conflicting advice is probably because some either don’t understand coco or don’t realize you’re using it. Coco does not like to be dry, make sure you’ve now watered thoroughly. When coco dries out it takes a bit to get it absorbing water again and the first watering may just flow through channels.

I’d air on the side of what may feel like over watering and be sure its well hydrated throughout.

Important to remember that coco is effectively hydro so when not saturated they are not just missing water but missing nutrients big time as well…

Sounds like you should recover fine, but absolutely keep watering. Unlike soil its darn near impossible to over water coco.


@farmerbill1 Glad they survived. I grow in living soil and had plant sitters set up but cut the tents girls and they took care of the outdoor girls. Pet sitting/house sitting was cash. Plant sitting was paid in green. I know nothing about coco so please follow the advice above by @CygnusX1 PS nice to meet you CygnusX1