Water Filtration Questions? Ask Nanashi 0_o 12 Years in The Business

So my limbs not being strong enough to support the buds that last week or two of flower I thought could have been prevented if I had been monitoring tds and adding in cal mag. Guess I will be getting cal mag soon.

I thought maybe ppt parts per trillion

What is that other monster you said?? Iā€™m not even gonna attempt to try a recreate that.

the calculator has a ā€¦well, calculator for thisā€¦PPM scale is different in dif countriesā€¦just to piss me of personallyā€¦no other reasonā€¦
I think we are 500 scaleā€¦check that

there is a ppb (billionā€¦) makes ense that there would be a higher versionā€¦i cant imagine a hand meter doing it tho?

(Not ā€¦"They dont"but ā€œhave not seen yetā€)

You can think of millisemin as currentā€¦in tiny numbersā€¦

I suppose i should say i did not check the spellingā€¦its a ridiculous name either way.


When i work on hospital systemsā€¦we stop at ppbā€¦

Scripts labs in jupitor are the only ones i can think of that might do moreā€¦and they wont let me near that stuffā€¦lol
Bajillion $ machines lol

I donā€™t have anything to calibrate with it is an old meter that I was able to acquire from a friend who didnā€™t need it. There is a scale that can be adjusted I just donā€™t want to break the pen. 0.17 ppt. 0.34 mS. Not sure but Iā€™m gonna try that tag you posted and see if I can convert to something in the area of ignorant so I can understand.

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So mS = ec thru some portal that can be accessed by the magic code of conversion and ppt= tds but itā€™s a different portal

mixx nutes perfectly (as close as you can get it) and Check your nutes it should be close to what the manufacturer says it will be(starting tds of your water is the variable here )ā€¦if its not closeā€¦only then would i consider calibrationā€¦tds / ec meters are not a touchy as PHā€¦ in my career i never managed to not lose a tds pen before i even thought i MIGHT need to calibrate itā€¦ (wont work on PH perfect thoā€¦ec meters go nutts in it)

I would probably go with the ec/ms tho

All are the same thingā€¦Put current in and the less that makes it threw the water ( pure water is an insulatorā€¦it will not carry current like you might think)
The purer it isā€¦

(My limited understanding of this is) ms is a direct number representing current making it threwā€¦tds is someones idea of a bad jokeā€¦fone? nonono my stupid friendā€¦it is Phoneā€¦because i want it to be

I just poured some water in a cup to play with. I plugged in the numbers using .17 ppm tds as it was the only option on the conversion and it converted it to.0003 ec. Now I have to remember to try this when Iā€™m adding in nutes. The flower girls get 7 different ones and it changes week to week. The grow girls only get 4 so I will have to pay attention kicking my own butt for watering earlier todayā€¦ guess Iā€™ll catch the next boat.

Im not looking now but i hit this wall when i was going threw the tds scale stuffā€¦it should be there it is just listed weird

and i think usa is 500 scale tdsā€¦ i would have to check google

Check thatā€¦it is different than i rememberā€¦either i was using a dif one or they simplified it

The YouTube representative of Hanna showed the scale in the pen and how to adjust. He also said it should be around 20 when I checked it was set to 20. I should switch it to 500 and see if it smokes.

That sounds like a calibration thingā€¦no actual clue thoā€¦hit me with the youtube vid

Which might be why I was just given a really good pen for free lol

It did strike me as quality

Ok I played with the conversion it scales from .42 to 2.9
The next option after that was a percentage I do not know what it is for but I put it to 0.

I tried it at 2.9 and .50 no different and changing the percentage didnā€™t change the numbers or the units of measure

It does let you change scalesā€¦500 is the one you should be using
watch 2:25 in the vidā€¦it would be set to 50ā€¦

is my current understanding

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