Water Filtration Questions? Ask Nanashi 0_o 12 Years in The Business

Yep 12 Years as the owner of a water filtration company specializing in well water and R.O. in South Florida and now im retired and bored and wouldn’t mind helping some people who want to Grow some buds

Hit me up 0_o


Refillable Filter For Chlorine Removal

#1 Refillable Cartridge


Amazon.com: Refillable, Empty Water Filter Cartridge Universal Big Blue (4.5" D…

Buy Refillable, Empty Water Filter Cartridge Universal Big Blue (4.5" D x 10" H) White by CuZn: Replacement Under-Sink Water Filters - Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

#2 The housing or any equivalent 4.5in x 10 housing make sure it is not see threw so light does not grow algae (just hook up to water source PVC / Hose fitting/ water balloon your sitting on…whatever)


DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House 15, 000-Gallon Water Filtration System -…

DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House 15, 000-Gallon Water Filtration System - Faucet Mount Water Filters - Amazon.com

This is the stuff but i suggest you look up a local filtration supplier (if they will sell you retail) or a local residential filtration company (they will sell at at mark up)) and ask them for a CU FT of 12x40 (pronounced 12-40) Coconut carbon it was like $60 or $70 a bag (maybe they will sell you a half bag…we have to split them up for some filters anyway and are always looking to get rid of / use the half bags) last i looked and you can fill that up like 50 times.


Amazon.com: 5 Lbs Bulk Water Filter/Air Filter Refill Coconut Shell Granular…

Buy 5 Lbs Bulk Water Filter/Air Filter Refill Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal: Replacement Pitcher Water Filters - Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases


I recently Jerry rigged a diaphragm boost pump in front of my R.O Just for S&G and the thing was as loud a jackhammer but i was easily hitting 150GPD at roughly 112 psi 0_o
It was not meant for this at all

Ill put a clip of the sound if i get a chance, it made that hammering sound echo threw the plumbing in my whole house…sounded like someone was drumming on my bathtub in the other room.
I ran it that way for days lol

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I use a similar 120 VAC diaphragm transfer pump with a 40 psi pressure switch for watering my plants.

My watering wand has a three foot reach and a hand operated ball valve.

Happy Cannaday brother… :partying_face::metal:

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How do I post questions?

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To me?
You just did.
Your a natural.
Whats up?



A viable option for most R.O.'s (Not specialty name brand, same as the others but made not to fit Normal parts R.O’s…Im looking at you Microline and Kinnetico…And dont think i forgot you Culligan…Im still keeping an eye on your evil butt).

Some people would want 2 of the carbon blocks instead of 1 being a regular sediment filter (Especially those who are on city water and have no whole house carbon filter.)


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If I ran my tap water which has a softer in the garage thru a filter will I completely strip the water of all minerals? I’m only asking because in my short time I have not even used any type of cal mag. I have a tds meter but need to take a college course on how to use correctly. I don’t think it’s right but probably user error. My last harvest I did see a couple branches start dropping at the end which I believe could be fixed if I would just learn to use the dang pen.

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Keep in mind I’m not as advanced as you. I’m growing in soil

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Here I go I’m gonna start fiddle farting…


I have some articals on the various tds scales and ec equivalent if you need them.

one thing everyone needs is this tho.

Softeners will swap calcium iron and other negatively charged particles buy attracting them with a positive charge…then rinses with salt(a stronger charge than the minerals you removed so it favors the salt and “charges” the media and releases cal and iron down the drain during salt rinse.) how ever my understanding is as long as your not using an ro you should not (usually… not always) have cal mag problems I have always used an ro so i cant confirm first hand but that is the science behind it

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What do you suspect went wrong with the tds?

My impression is that tds has a big influence on the use or amount of use of cal mag. If my beaches don’t support the buds the I know I was short on something again I think cal mag which up to now I have somehow linked to tds. High tds less need for cal mag and ■■■■ versa.

Now I’m trying to use the pen I have watched a YouTube video and now know how to turn it on and toggle between modes. However I still don’t know what mS is and ppt. I was expecting ec and tds or ppm. I asked google the almighty about mS in regards to tds and crashed the satellite into an asteroid storm off the coast of Jupiter. When he quit flipping out I got results about multiple sclerosis. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:. I just love breaking google

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Starting tds? yes big time An ro would not “treat water” like a filter (swap bad for good/ take one thing but not another) it “purifies it” Your not as small as an H2O molecule or a permeable gas? then you are REJECTED.

This includes the traces of cal and mag… so add them if your using an ro…(i don’t have the specifics on what levels of these will make it threw a softener (some definitely will tho)… but i have not heard anyone say a softener will make you require cal mag…yet)

Ill run this one day to find out


Correct in a general sense that probably wont do you much good to dig further into

milisemin and …ppm? (part per million)