Water filters for tap water

Does anyone have a recommendations for filters? I see they can vary in price.

I like the drop in Brita pitcher myself. I have used the one that hooks straight to my tap but it slowed up the water so I went back to the pitcher.

It really depends on how bad your water is but this is what I used forever at my last house it’s probably the best out there imo… at my new house I had to install an ro system then mix 50/50 back to the tap water to bring the ppm down

I got a ro system grow tent

Go with an RO system. I’m not sure that a filter does a whole lot in terms of reducing PPM.

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A filter can catch suspended particles but not dissolved material. I installed a ro system for the grow water as well but also use a spin down filter followed by a 1 micron particulate and then a 1 micron charcoal before the ro