Water conditioner

So I use my tap water to feed my plants and instead of me setting it out for 24hr I wanted to use a water conditioner to help with getting the chlorine out. Have any of you used this bottle? If not, what brand did you use? Thanks :call_me_hand:

I plan on using this when I run out of rain water I will test first to make sure it removes chlorine immediately or if it takes a while.

It is advertised to remove chlorine immediately. But it says something about giving the fish a better slime coat on their skin so I don’t want it messing up my soil and making it not take in water.

@MattyBear @garrigan62 how do you guys feel about this stuff?

I can’t comment on specific brands, but seems quite a few members use similar products without issue.

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The only part that scares me is the “adds slime coat”. I just wanna find something because I always forget to set water out. Damn household has my brain everywhere else!

I’ve had pretty good luck just bubbling water for a few hours in 5 gallon buckets


Try and get a 50 gal barrel and let it fill with rain water, … problem solved
I personal have 3 of them and never had run out of water.


Transporting that water is the problem. Otherwise, I would have jumped on the rain water train. But im in the attic so its a pain in the ass

I work for a water district and they tell us it takes 4 days for chlorine to leave 10gals of water!! I have no clue but that’s what they teach us!!

I read a little on it last night. From what I took, chlorine takes 12 to 24 hours, depending on circulation, or if you introduce an air stone. But if your city runs chloramine as well, then that takes around 4 days to leave water, again based upon if your circulating the water.

I used something similar to that years ago with my fresh water tanks I have. Once I realized chlorine dissipates on it own within 24 hours I just filled a bucket up (ended up buying a 35 gallon brute on wheels) and let the water sit for a day and the chlorine is gone. It was an unneeded expense to me and didn’t like the ingredients as a total.
Up to you and your circumstances.
As was stated earlier bubbling speeds up the process or for that matter you could pour the water back and forth between containers and that will also remove chlorine rather quickly.

Hope this helps and HAGD

Does your attic have a water outlet?
If not you have to carry it up one way or another

I have an upstairs loft with a bathroom. There is a door that goes to the attic up there.

Thats all our House has Rain water, a lot of Australian Houses just have Rain water in very large tanks, some above ground some below.

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