Water chiller for the nutrient charger?

Do any of you run chillers in your tank(s) to maintain a low, oxygen rich environment?


I’m guessing you’re talking about a reserve/top off reservoir? When I was thinking about how to integrate my cooler into my system I thought about chilling my reservoir. But then I realized it’s probably not necessary and overkill since it would get chilled once it starts topping itself off into my system. It wouldn’t hurt at all if you had a spare chiller but imo it’s prob more just a waste of energy.


Presently I don’t have it hooked up because I have taken everything from the grow room and have one small tent in my bedroom butt this is what I normally run in my hydroponics system

EcoPlus Chiller, 1/10 HP

Temp never moves from within 2 degrees of what it set at, which is 68°, and pythium is non existent, I love mine


@TDubWilly - That was my thought - maintain upper 60’s in the reservoir with a large air stone to keep everything oxygenated. Thanks for the link.


I put 1 liter frozen bottles a night

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