Water and nutrient feeding schedule

I use 50/50 coconut fiber and vermilite and i am using white widow seeds, and i have floragrow, floramag, and florabloom and my question is how often should i feed them and how often should i water them? if anyone has a water and nutrient feeding schedule that they could please share it with me. thank you

GH publishes a large number of grow schedules: pick the one that is closest to your grow. You want ‘drain to waste’ or ‘coco’ schedule.

If you are using soilless (which you are) you need to have a decent digital PH and TDS meter handy and use them for every feeding/watering.

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In addition to what @Myfriendis410 said, I prefer a high frequency fertigation schedule. In your case, you won’t have a lot of water retention to begin with (typically 70/30 coco/perlite is used) so I’d try to automate and aim for 5 or more small watering events every day. Every fertigation is the same nutrient concentration.

What happens is that as the water gets pulled from the medium into the plant, your nutrients inevitably become more concentrated in the remaining water. By watering in small amounts (just to runoff) you end up providing the plant with a more consistent nutrient concentration, which is favorable (providing that the concentration is ideal to begin with.)

If you decide to go this route, you’ll want a digital timer that can handle many events every day and adjusts down to increments of seconds. Water using a halo or multiple small slow emitters on top of the medium.

You will want to measure/log your runoff ppm in addition to your inputs to confirm that your runoff concentration is going up. If you decide your runoff concentrations are too high, you can increase watering frequency, duration, or both.

Edit: just noticed you’re using vermiculite instead of perlite. I stopped working with it (unless it’s in a mix) back in the 90’s, so I can’t say how it will compare to a 70/30 coir/perlite mix.

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