Water a day before harvest good or bad

I’m going to harvest Sat. and wondering if watering a day before chop is a good idea or bad. I read somewhere it slows the drying down which is a good thing, but read a lot more that say it’s a bad idea.

Most of my growing is still outdoors. I have almost no control of light and water. I also wash my bud (indoor and outdoor). I don’t think it’ll make much difference one way or the other.

Ahhh… One of the great debates. You will find varied opinions on the topic. I water mine before harvest so that the calyxes are fully swollen when I harvest.


I like to water the day before.
Happy growing…


Thanks, I think I’ll do it. I’m going to try washing this harvest for the first time, and I want to dry as slow as possible, so I think I’ll go ahead and water this morning.

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Only reasons I could see to not water before harvest are already listed. Drying time and calyx. I like a lot of keif for hash n stuff. So I do not water at least 4-5 days before chop. Since deflated calyx give up the goodies easier than swollen ones that will hold it in.

This is litterally just from cutting buds from stems. Was a wet trim. So if you want your trichomes to stay inside your buds. Water them. I prefer to press my trichomes. So I let them dry out pre chop


That makes sense. Thank you.

Bad, it increases drying time. I stop two days before harvest and turn my lights off the last 48hrs

Did you flush your plant prior to today’s watering?
Some ph balanced water for flushing. I use rain or RO water with some nutrient flush two days prior with my hydroponic system. Then no light for 24-48 hours with no water. Drain my buckets when I cut the lights.

I’ve been using straight water for the last 10 days or so. I went ahead and watered this morning.

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I want a slower dry. I can’t get a drying area in the 60’s, so looking to slow down the drying a little.

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I also like a slow drying time. :wink:

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Technically the plant is still alive when chopped, only just having been removed from its food source (roots). It will continue to try and ripen and survive using whatever resources (water nutes/chlorophyl) remain in the stems/leaves to ripen and try for survival. At some point it turns to cannibalizing chlorophyll fingers toes and extremities for the nitrogen. So if anything watering helps ripen things up and cleaning up. Just an opine.

Why does a cutting work, it uses resources in the stem and leaves to generate new roots and a source of food and water.


Who can? Most every grower I know dries inside there 70 degree air conditioned homes.

Indoor grown weed it really doesn’t matter as you gonna slow dry it anyway.

Outdoor is another beast all together as come Sept and Oct when the crop is almost ready, Grey Mold pops up and is inside the plant whether you see it or not, in the South Anyway.

As such I want a faster dry and a hydrogen peroxide wash of one cup per 5 gallon bucket of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide then a rinse as soon as I cut it then on a screen to dry.