Watch out for them freebies

This is one of those freebie seeds I got with a seed purchase.

Yes its suppose to be feminized Blueberry!

I could complain but, hey it’s a freebie. Sh!t happens right! :frowning_face:


Id still let them know for future purposes so noone else gets boned.


Well shit. I have that exact same freebie. I could use a male.


Well brother it’s all yours :rofl:. 10 days into flowering not very appealing to my Acapulco Gold or the Gelato occupying the same space.

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I’m going to have to pop one and see. If I can get a blueberry male I can make some blue venom.


:astonished: Wow, he’s neat-looking, though. Did any pollen get in your tent?

Never got into pollination or cross-pollination, actually believe it or not, this my first ever male (knock wood) in all of my 5-7 years of indoor growing.


Not to my knowledge. It’s been in solitary confinement since discovered. Not sure what’s to become of it.

Doing a seedman freebie grow now 3 strains all good 7 weeks into flower.

Just got the same freebies also ww fem. Please let us know what they say.

Went to the website to see in I had any recourse to the situation and was presentd with this (direct from website).

“We are unable to 100% guarantee successful germination of any live product and do not offer replacements for free seeds. However we will always treat every query on its own merits so please do let us know if you have any problems and we’ll try and find a solution for you.”

I guess this means I’m SOL :smirk:. Hey like I said they were free.

No lie I saw this post and immediately was like AMEN :innocent: gotta read this! :joy: I stopped popping freebies from them because they were often misses. In their defense, if you report this in a timely manner they do replace. I’ve had them send me another batch of beans because one hermed and pollinated my entire grow. Yeah I wouldn’t have said it was a freebie tho. Sucks. I’ve legit not had a single freebie from them that wowed me. I’ve even had some that were crushing it in veg then just pooped on me in flower

Wow didn’t think of that.

Hind sight 20/20
Yeah agree, of the half dozen freebies the only strain that got near the mark was “Alaskan Purple” with “Black Sugar” a close one also.

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I always wanted to run that did you get pretty colors? I honestly had to leave seedsman cuz my yields were trash even when things were right. So for a while I was like ok it’s me. It’s my lights. It’s me. Ran some other breeders and BOOM. Gains. Like double and tripling my yield. As a result I have prob 60 beans from em and I’m only gonna run Mephisto and ILGM lest I get desperate. Freebies are cool but you can’t beat decent genetics in light of time energy and money. Never again.

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Looks like a bud of nanners… I wouldn’t allow that pollen to create more seeds

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That’s all boy there.