Watch and listen


@Hawkeye_diesel No words…the message

Durban poison,first time grow



Up up up up!


Yeah I watched it earlier, sorry I was occupied with my plant. Big plants


@Hawkeye_diesel not saying you didn’t but by your comment it sounds like you had the speakers turned down. The message transcends. That was my main point.


I listened to the whole thing,


There was a show I was watching, it’s not on anymore at the moment but you might get it in the states I’ll see if I can get the name right and a fella that they were trying to prosecute in Amsterdam and his tree’s were 12 - 14ft, he had to reach them with a ladder, his buds were the size of American footballs, can you imagine, I was like dribbling oh yes please it’s called weediquette, if you can get it it’s a great program


Ive seen that show a few times over here (Australia) @darren. i always forget when its on so its just the off chance im flicking through channels i see it on. I might actually see if i can view it online. I enjoyed the couple of episodes i watched


Can you see if you can get it on demand and then series link if you have sky or just see if you can get them on the Internet, it’s probably one of the best shows that I’ve seen on cannabis, they ain’t all great but most of them are pretty good


yeah i will see if i can get it on demand, have to remember what channel it was on now probs abc or sbs


It’s VICELAND it’s a channel. Weediquette is a show on that channel. Look up vice they are badazzzzz


You’ve got to see it, it’s great isn’t it, do any of you guys who watch the show, does any of it cover where you are, since a lot of it is based in America


Great show, can’t wait for the next season. They haven’t been in my general area yet but seeing we just made it legal you never know.
UPDATED November 16, 2016: Viceland seems to be doing rather well and is currently expanding its programming slate. An announcement was recently made revealing the upcoming debut of three more new series before the year ends, and the renewal of several of its successful programs. One of Viceland’s hit shows, Weediquette with Krishna Andavolu, is commissioned for a third season in light of its success, and its devoted fans are eagerly awaiting more details and a release date. Stay with us, and we will keep you informed.


good video:))