Wasted crop .foind seeds on my females

I have 9 ladies going under a 1000 hps in a 5×5 tent.its well ventilated and also have a room ac unit in the rite outside the room to keep it between 73 and 78 at all times.during the dark period the temp will drop as low as 65 which I inderstand is ok.my problem is I now found seeds.I spend lots of time on a daily basis interacting with them like pruning ECT that being said.I have never found a male flower on any of these.I realize they can missed but like I said I know every pistil on every plant.I onow ot sounds crazy but could it be too much light? I also added an 600 watt led on the outside of the tent switched on the bloom settind thinking it would help devolope my resin glands.can anyone tell me where I went wrong?thia isnt my first grow so I was confident.

Is there another person growing around you some of their pollen could of got u

Did you find a lot of seeds, or just a few?

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How many seeds are we talking about.

If it’s a lot of seeds, and you’ve noticed the buds getting less sticky, it sounds like your plant may have turned hermaphrodite. This usually arises from stress, (heat, humidity etc.) but it’s most commonly from a light leak or light interruption during flower. They need 12 hours of uninterrupted dark. No peaking in, no led indicator lights, no pinholes in the tent.
If you saw any of these banana looking growths develop you now know what they are.

If it’s just one or two seeds you’ve found, and the trichomes and resin are still developing I’d not worry too much. Still, keep an eye out for the nanners.

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Just a few then I had to walk away for a min.these were like my babies!! I did get anotjer light from someone.if they had a male could it of transferred from their light? And how do I kill the pollen

Right outside the tent? Might be leaking light inside. There’s no need for lights outside the tent.

It’s not uncommon to get a few seeds in a grow. I get one seed every grow. What happens is the plant hermies inside a bud due to a light leak, or even just letting them ripen a little too long. You did nothing wrong, it’s just a little bonus cause those seeds should be good.


I grow with open tent so I have max ventilation the only reason I had the xtra light was to add more red

Thanx man guess I needed to hear that.I take my grow very seriously as we all do I’m sure

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Save those seeds, they should be viable.


If anything I pull what I think are males bedore they even sex.then like I said I check every inch of them atleast 3 times a day.ots my hobbie and I take it very seriously.o habe just about a dozen main colas on each plant.I just dnt understand these banana looking things now I dnt see.like I said I pull mone at first sign of the lil balls

Nanners = bad

Yes, you can’t see the internal nanners. They’re in the inside of the bud and it pollinates itself, so there’s nothing you can do about it. Just enjoy your free seeds.

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I found a seed in my B.Banner last night before grinding. Bonus.


That wpuls have to be it.What a disappointment. I have 8 blu god bud and 1 superfruit guess I will be enjoying those seeds my friend.my buds are pretty frosty just hope they stay that way.I’m still 2 weeks out from harvest

You never know when you’ll find one, solitary seed.

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If I don’t clone or grow a new ILGM strain, I use the seeds I found in previous grows. @raustin is right. Those seeds should be viable as long as they’re not pale green. Even quite a few seeds it can be decent smoke.


I know bud I just know it almost stops the flower to produce those seeds.if nothing else I have a new strain blu God/ superfruit thanz for Your imput I am a avid reader here my mind is like a sponge when it comes to this


Lemme ask you theae nanas I read they self pollinate guess that will get them all rite? And I have clones ready to hit that tent in 2 weeks.what precautions do I need to take? Iv never delt with pollen so o dnt know how to deal with it.how do I kill it? Whats the shelf life?

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There’s no danger of pollination outside of the bud that was pollinated. So you don’t need to take precautions like you would if you saw nanners and balls, then you’d have to worry. It’s always a good idea to clean your tent between grows, but you don’t need to do anything special.