Waste not, Gorilla auto clone

So cloning auto’s is usually not common. I use pruning techniques as to lessen the chance of certain issues and also to get larger heads. I decided to take a small off cut from one of my gorilla glue autos and use some clonex and stuck it in a pot to see the results. Well judged for yourself! This only received water. It isn’t practical for Indoor growing but during the amazing summer weather in Australia, instead of throwing away these off cuts I’ll be potting them up for the summer months. Not the biggest yield but excellent quality bud’s none the less!!!


I had the same experience cloning autos. I the clones were small and I put 4 in a 7 gallon grow bag together since they were essentially the same plant. Had a small but high quality harvest.

My only problem was that for the time, effort, and space taken up by the clones I would have been better off with just growing a brand new auto instead, the yield is like 2-4 x what I got off 4 clones in a 7 gallon. A seed is what $5, $10 max?

But outdoors with unlimited space and unlimited light, I’m with you. I switched to photos, but not add bad idea to throw your auto clippings outdoors after you get roots.

Should be at least half oz no? Regardless that’s very resourceful

It’s still got about 1 week left but probably half an oz. Yeah, definitely not worth doing indoors. This was just a test with something that was going to be thrown away. At the end of next spring and the start of summer I will be potting up all of my, decent, off cuts. I have heaps of pot’s, plenty of good potting mix and plenty of space sheltered from any view. I have no neighbours close by so it’s like the title of the thread “WAIST NOT”

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I totally love the gorilla glue. Question…I put my extra seeds in plastic ziplock and in a container into the freezer. I have since planted some and the plants are like on steroids, strong stems, huge leaves but leggy. Is this the reaction to the freezer?

I don’t think so, but who knows? Maybe but it’s probably something else that has caused better growth like the time of year, even when growing indoors the time of year changes a range of things such as air pressure, humidity, air temperature and more. I wouldn’t recommend putting seeds in the freezer but again i have never done it so i may be wrong! Personally I use a vacuum sealed jar and put them in a cupboard where the temperature is always between 15-20 degrees Celsius and is completely dark.