Wasn’t sure where to post my questions?

I’m doing my first indoor auto grow using a 2x2x4 tent and an HLG 135 wt R spec light kit. I’m currently doing 2 autos, I’m confident that I can do 4 autos or one photo. It took some planning on how to maximize the use of the space but I got it pretty dialed in.

I got my light for $187, I see you want to stay $200ish. It’s very doable, GOOD LUCK!!!


@noctis420 thanks tag me please

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@landshark thanks greatly appreciated where do I purchase them


There is a 5% discount code of 5GROW

*edit… they are not approved vendor to link

Help guys! I went to transplant her my nerves been so bad an stressed out I went to take her out the cup when I Tipped her upside down to get her out it all started falling apart and I dropped her will she be OK here is pics from earlier an here is a pic after the transplant I hope everything will be ok

) In the cup an now image in a 5 gallon fabric why is there a crack in the soil if u can see it in the picture thanks

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Thoroughly water in with properly PH’ed water and you’ll be good.


@Axemanjake23 @Noctis420 @Covertgrower @LandShark @dbrn32 Sorry if I forgot anybody I know I asked you guys about lighting before but I was wondering what everybody thinks about ES 180 led lights? it was out of my budget but they have some kinda installment payment plans for like $100 a month the lights are like $420 thanks guys

Quantum board 100 would do great in your 2x2 with higher efficiency. That would light that space fine, but dbrn32 may say otherwise.
Unless you were trying to light a different space? I noticed the light you asked about is for a 2x4.

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Are you still looking at a 2’x2’ grow tent? The es180 won’t even fit in typical tent that size. It’s 24.5" long.

Not to mention there are better lights available for less money.


@dbrn32 yes not sure what I can do with it an suggestions? I’m ordering a new one tomorrow wanted to know what everybody recommend? I’m looking to do no more than 4 at the most at one time if that I don’t think I can handle anymore than that until I get the basics down I decided if I’m going to do this I want to do it right with all the proper equipment nutrition etc. because this is some thing I’m passionate about I do a lot of reading watching you tube video but most of all talking an taking you guys advice I appreciate everybody on here an thanks again

I’d send it back a good Auto will outgrow that go as big as you have to room for. Better to say damn I like the extra space compared to oh shit what do I do now.
Jmo good luck you’re in a great place with great people. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

5x5x80 sounds big yes but it fills up fast and its gonna cost a pretty penny on lights but you wont be disappointed QBs are the only way to go.
You get what you pay for. Buy crap you’ll be replacing it. Buy the good stuff. Again jmo

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Ok thanks I really didn’t think that any of them get over 3 feet omg where have I been :joy:

A qb 135 kit is a nice light for a 2x2.

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If you have a kohls near you @bellabstar they will return it and refund your money for you. Has to be within a distance would have to look it up.

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Good lights are the difference maker it’s obvious seeing peoples grows who’s got enough light and who dont.

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