Washington state changing Marijuana laws

A question from a fellow grower:

today I heard that Medical Marrijuana in the state of Washington is going to be eliminated in the year of 2015 what do we do to keep the original 1998 laws intact? It is being done by the state just for their income I believe, and not in the best interest of the patients in need of the products. And I believe that this will happen all over the USA. See what happens when the States get involved, I did not vote for the #502 Law that legalizes Marrijuana for Recreational use, just because you get the State/ Governments that do not know a ******* thing about it, now they are messing with my Prescriptions for only a tax profit. What do you think?

Go here:

You can find out 1st hand what is going on, and if you can do anything about it.

Also check out The Marijuana Policy project Here:

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no need for med pot laws when Cannabis is legal as it is in Wash and CO

or at least thats the way I read that.
I also have a med pot here in Arizona, with an open market prices will come down.
The biggest shame with med pot is the price.

AS far as I understand it about Washington, when they legalized recreational, then they eliminated medical marijuana, and the problem seems to be excessively taxed pot for recreational, so now the medical pot users will seemingly pay more money, or, grow their own, not possible for a lot of folks who are either heavily disabled, small apartment, limited funds, etc. Seems like the news was recently that the pot in Washington was so expensive that there was a massive surplus of unbought pot everywhere.
I’m in Oregon, and a newer patient, recreational goes into effect in Oregon in July 1, but no stores allowed to sell till June 2016, hopefully by then Oregon won’t screw up the system here, but of course, I am attempting at growing my own, it still seems there is some sort of backdoor method at muddling up the good working systems.

Babbing-buzz you are so right about the cost of anything labeled medical, the price jumps a lot. Everyone is jumping on the money wagon,
Because they know people who are so tired of the pain and suffering will do almost any thing or pay more if they believe it will help. Sad but true.

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