Washing your harvest

I’m new to this, so hopefully I’m putting this in the right place. I tried to find a thread about this topic but wasn’t able to find anything. I’ve seen videos on youtube about washing harvest. I wanted to get some more information on doing this. To see what everybody’s opinion is. Is this something a beginner should do. If I do this what is the best way to do. Any info would be appreciated.


I think I’ve turned myself into the ‘bud wash guru’ haha. l am always suggesting it. If you watched the Jorge Cervantes video that is about the full extent of it. Most of us are washing our harvest if for no other reason than to remove environmental crap from our flower.

One picture says it all to me: indoor grow, one plant, washed in tap water plus 1 cup of 3% peroxide for 8 minutes, rinse in tap water.

I have also found that the cured flower keeps it’s freshness longer than if no wash was done.


Do you do this fresh at harvest, before or after trim. You mentioned Jorge Cervantes video, is that on YouTube. If not where can I find it. Thanks for your reply. I need all the help I can get.

I do this at harvest: I cut the main branches off the mainstem and immerse in a 6 gallon bucket of water/peroxide for 6 to 8 minutes, rinse, hang to dry and wet trim while hanging. Then into the drying rack.


I watched video, he nails it when he says it seems a little wrong. That’s the way I felt the first time I had seen this done. I saw pigeons 420 on YouTube doing this. Thanks for the help. I currently have my second grow in its 4th week of Flower. I’ll try to build up the courage to do this.

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It’s extremely benign. One thing I love about it is when the flower comes out of the bath it has the freshest smell ever. If you ever suspect insects this is a great way to deal with it.


I use large storage bins. Wash, Rinse, and a bin to carry to my drying shed.
Note that weed will float, and I use a metal pan to weight it down for at least 10 minutes.


After seeing pics that you and Myfriendis410 posted, I am convinced that this is a good idea.

I wonder if this has a purging effect like when you dump live crawfish in saltwater to purge them before cooking.

Or catfish in fresh clean water