Was wondering if it's about time to harvest Thrichome amber


Hi I have been keeping a grow journal here but wonder about how much longer I have never had a harvest before so I’m getting nervous


cannot really tell from those pictures… need to get closer to the trichomes


Nice plant … what strain ?


At first glance, I’d say no. I’d like to see some of the pistils turn brown and shrivel back.

Also, she looks very dark green. I’d cut back in the nutrients a bit. What are you feeding her?


It’s auto lemon haze and she is getting floranova bloom and calimag


Thanks for the replys and any advice


Im also a new grower but old smoker and I would say a couple of weeks out to let the buds mature more , but I cant get a good look at the trichomes to see if they are even cloudy yet . They start getting cloudy as they are nearing harvest time and depending on your preference when 20 to about 80 % of them should actually have a amber tint . The more amber the more body buzz or what they call couch lock . A clear closeup of the pistols and trics would help one of the more experienced growers help you .


I will definitely try to get a get pic or the trics and I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety with migraine is there a harvest time or amount of amber trics best for these items don’t have a lot of knowledge I recently started with cannibus as an alternative to the mountains of pills the doctor had me on


Sorry best I could get it hope it helps


I like to wait until I have 80% amber and 20% cloudy which should be good for your situation also :thinking:
Will need a jewelers loop 20x mag or stronger to really see them


Ahh okk i will have to look into getting one


You can get one on Amazon for less then $10 US
Good luck with rest of your grow bud :blush: they look delicious lol


Yep a scope is the best way to tell but from what I can see you still have a bit to go . Especially for pain you want 50 plus percent honey colored or I do any how but like everything we are all different in what buzz we prefer . I am going to harvest all three plants at different times to check how much it differs in the same genetic strain .


That’s a great idea especially as I’m not even sure as what kind of high I truly enjoy yet I can’t wait to have the power to help myself I know I am on my way…and I will be ordering a loop of Amazon good lookin out country


These look like > BUD OF THE MONTH< LOL But they do need another week or so.



Ohhh dang that’s what’s up …I have to say I have learned a new level of restraint and patience but they look and smell so yummy


Number one. Your plant is green your not done. Stop feeding nutes. It cant complete its life cycle if you keep feeding it to stay alive.


Needs more time. Keep posting, nice plant man.


maybe 2 weeks


So should I be flushing now?