Was wanting to ada ph question


I have a natural well. The water from the tap is 6ph. Is that good enough for soil grow? Also, we have alot of cotton compost companies in my region. Ive heard it is full of natural bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial to plants. I would like to know if I were to put this compost in my water and stir it until in made tea and watered my plants with it would it hurt them? It seems like it would be a great thing to do. Any thoughts or experience with this idea?


@Mparham If the well water is at 6.0, that’s a little too high acidity for soil growing. If it’s 6.3 to 6.7, then it’s the right range. I have well water that’s 7.0 so I adjust it down to 6.5. As for the cotton compost, I can’t answer what it does for plants, but it’s great for attracting fish.


The tea is great for your plants and possibly bring up the pH to the desired range.
I make tea and the plants love it.
If you do compost tea let it sit over night to steep then use it
Do not let it sit out for more than two days if you do add some sugar or molasses or the micro organisms in the tea start to die and the tea looses its benefits the sugar is to feed the organisms so they do not die


Oops after you steep your tea check the pH
If it is out of range you can use vinegar to bring it down or baking soda to bring it up


Thanks. Ive been using the the color chart PH test method. I don’t really like it or do not trust it. The tea would be a darker color so the test would be useless. Ill get a better tester when I can. My plant looked beautiful this morning after the transplant. This NL auto seems to toll with everything. Can’t wait for it to finish. Gonna sit on a riverbank and fish little and chill. Looking forward to that. Life is good. LOL


This one is very popular with our forum folks. I have it and love it. It is the number one instrument used in MJ growing. If you are using strips or drops you will inevitably get in trouble. It’s not a luxury in my opinion.


Common sense told me that. I have a pretty good but instinct. So it could be that if I used the compost correctly it could naturally raise my PH to a correct level? I’d love nit to have to use the store bought chemicals. Monetary savings is great too.


I gotcha same here I had the pH up daown kit with the color drops and chart it works ok for clear fluid but for nutes and slurry absolutely useless
A good pH meter is worth three times its wieght in buds!!
Makes life way easier and there are many affordable options as well as some ridiculous pricey options as well.


Very possible as has been in my case
I use pHed water at 6.5 for my teas and when they are done brewing they are at 7+
I am a newb and have just been experimenting a lot with worm casting teas
Guano teas and other stuff
@garrigan65 has a lot more experience with teas and stuff


Well have to stay in touch a walk this trail together. This is my first plant I’ve ever grown. I smoked at Xmas with an old army buddy after not smoking in many years. It was the first time my shoulder hasn’t hurt in 25 years.


@Growit said it well: just how much effort are you willing to throw away because of a $40 tool? I would strongly suggest purchasing one ASAP and doing a slurry test of your soil and monitor ph of your well water. The chemicals used are fairly benign and make ALL the difference. You can use natural means to adjust ph like baking soda (not ideal) and lemon juice. The GH products use good materials that won’t cause harm to your grow.


Oh I’m getting one man. Just hadn’t yet. Ill hit Amazon this evening g.


Right on man yup best pain medicine and helps keep my gears turning in a positive direction