Was this the appropriate driver?

Hey, guys! I thought I had all my specs right but for some reason this thing isn’t turning on. I have an extra bridgelux strip, BXEB-L0280, http://d.digikey.com/AK0Y02SX00p7FYE00N0eQZK

I’m trying to turn it on using this driver I bought on ebay for $15. Here are the specs:
Type: Constant Current
IP rating: IP66
Input Voltage: 100 - 304vac
Output Voltage: 12-24v
Output Current: 350ma
Maximum Wattage: 20 watts
Dimensions: 3.74 x 1.57 x 0.98
Minimum Start Temp: -22’ F
Certifications: cURus E249377, CE listed,
Spec. Drawing click here for spec. drawing
Similar and/or Equal To: High Perfection Tech.: LP1020-24-C0350
Magtech: LP1020-24-C0350


I just want to run that one strip as it’s for my Chameleon sanctuary and the plants don’t need much light.

Pictures included.

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@dbrn32 You’ve helped me a lot in the past with this sort of thing. Maybe you have a hunch as to what’s up? :grin:

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Have you double checked connections and polarity?

I’m looking at those numbers wondering how they got to 20 watts. 24v x 350ma is 8.5 watts. No worries though, it should work on your strip

I took the wires out of the connectors and then tried pushing them back in again. The ones I have arent as secure as wagos so maybe that’s the problem.

Not sure how to check polarity or what that means to be honest.

Sorry. I’m still such a noob.

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Line and load wires on the ac side of driver and dc+ and - on output side of driver. Have you tried switching either of them?

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So wire up the power cord wires into the output side just in case?

Smart idea… im not the guy with any answers. Aside from ‘double check ur work’ but smart…

I tried. Didn’t change anything unfortunately.

Nope what meant was to make sure neither was crossed. As in the the dc positive wasn’t where the dc negative belongs.

Oh yes, yes. I did in fact try that out in case they were backwards. There was no indication on the wires as to which side was positive or negative so I tested both. I assume it’s the side with writing on it, like the plug on my last project.

Do you have anything wired on the other end of strip?

No, the other end has no wires attached. I originally tried doing it with the positive on one end and the negative on the other end, like when you hook up multiple in series, but it didn’t work so I changed it.

That driver or strip may be bad. It’s pretty simple circuit, acl on driver to hot on power cord and acn to neutral. Then with a single strip you should have dc positive to + on strip and dc - to negative on strip. Then it should just plug in and work.

Cool. Thanks for all the help, despite this being a non-cannabis project.
I just issued a return for the driver and i’m using a slightly bigger driver instead.
Means I got to play with two bridgelux strips instead of one.

Here’s some pics of my project. Repurposed a curio cabinet into a chameleon sanctuary and the lights are to keep plants alive.
Now to introduce some plants!
Uploading: 20181019_134754.jpg…


This guy is sure going to love the more natural color-spectrum too.


So was indeed bad driver then? I think that’s pretty cool, I do other stuff besides grow lights too.

Very nice terrarium.

Well it didn’t work and the strip seems fine, so I just decided to return it.

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