Was i too soon or what?

Trying to (scrog) my La Confidential , I’ve LST it from the get go and it’s the strongest 1 of it’s strain, so was i too early ?

Just keep her bent over


I plan on it LOL , i was just hoping that it wasnt too soon .


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I would raise that screen up to 8-12” above the soil. Once you start filling that screen you will have a hell of a time watering and clipping undergrowth. With the size of those pots, I’d go a lot higher than that even. They have the potential to get real big and those screens will be a detriment and difficult to remove.

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I noticed that yesterday and i will be replacing the one i took off to begin with . Thanks.

Having the screen tall enough to get underneath and water, defoliate etc is a good thing. One screen per plant is good too as I’ve yet to see two plants ready on the same day.

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if you look at the one in y very first photo thats what i’ll put back on

you going and putting that photo up you brought this on me , lol wtf lmao…

this is the look outside my green house !!!

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Yeah; my SCROG would look a little out of place in that setting haha.

Idk bout that , just think about them techromes

Michael Tribble Sr.

Perhaps not since that photo was almost 2 years old

Thinking ahead and anticipating the load it’ll have to support !

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