WARNING::::I'm going by trichome appearance rather than the pistils that are all amber(hermaphrodite yellow flowers on one advised!)

Okay, on my first grow, and with white widow I had bought through here, its a nail biter, I mean, I am on the final week and spent hours this morning making moronic decisions, but I decided that seems like all the pistils on all eight of my plants are amber, but the trichomes and only appear most of them milky on one plant, and that plant has some little yellow flowers, not many, but a few, so I gave it final flush mixture. I actually had anxiety about the other plants, I wished I could just start flushing them all at this point, where their leaves have been damaged, and some buds didn’t get as big as others.on other plants, errrr, differene between plants. So I had gave final flush to one other plant, then did some more checking and decided to give it booster again instead, I mean, on one plant this evening I gave booster mix, then later final flush, then I flushed out the pot with water and gave booster again, ha.

I am at two months right now of flowering these older plants(total age for seven of eight is from seed in mid February, and its October right now, due to health and injury reasons this year, a tough year for me health wise), and a few days over, but some of those days it got too cold in the tents until I figured out a different ducting method. I really plan on giving final flush mixture when I determine the pots dried out enough, like in about five or more days, or sooner as I view the trichomes.

I guess if I harvest too early that means probably not enough cbd? AS for thc, I could do with a lower amount, but I suppose if I go too long, it will be some real couch lock stuff, errrr, and my friendly neighbor just loves that experience, I mean, if he don’t get couch lock then he figures he aint done any cannabis! I was almost afraid I waited too long when I started seeing a yellow flower here and there, I been checking the guides and my books and they like just mention trichomes and pistils color to know when to harvest.

The drying process is what I am reading up on now, I mean, I bought a used multi tier chamber drying thing from someone who decided to just buy their weed instead of growing it, made of light mesh that you hang for drying, used once, but I am more familar with the hanging unside down method, not this “laying flat in a mesh chamber” type thing, …I mean, I guess they are popular, and maybe better I suppose than just hanging off a string, will figure it out.

Really, what I really worry about is going way to long and having my buds degrade and maybe a lost harvest, I mean, I am studying the “early harvest woes” scenarios,

flush and cut your at a perfect time

Hey there, you do know that the plant with yellow flowers is a morphodite?
Milky trichomes is great. If you don’t get the one with yellow flowers out it will pollinate the rest, then you have seeds in them. You can start flushing them, they will be getting milky soon. I’m not sure you knew this or not, hope every thing goes good for you.
Ps I like the couch lock also. Lol

Nah, I didn’t know this about morphadite thing. I mean, that plant has always been different, I called it “prime example”, and I was thinking about monster cropping it, but this morphadite thing, errr, wow, I had better go out and pull it inside, need to anyway, they say it would need 24 to 48 hours of darkness before harvest.

Strangely, last night I gave all the others booster, the final last week, I mean, the whole thing makes me nervous, I mean, I think if I went out there now and gave them all final flush, I mean, that is “overwatering”, and maybe some rot could happen in the roots.

I really worried about harvesting too early, ya know, with buds without anything in them. I wished I could just go out and cut them all and start drying, after all, I plan on switching to “edibles” cause my health issues are just really raised lately for some reason, can’t smoke anything,…no cigars, no incense, and especially smoking bud. It is all driving me crazy,…now I am in danger of getting seeds.

((((UPDATE:I have final flushed with a final flushing agent all plants, and in about three days I will start the drying all this white widow first grow!, …thanks for the advice)))), Well, thanks for the advice, I went out there and removed the single flowering plant, …yes, with yellow flowers on a very large bud on the side of the plant, on one of the biggest buds in the tent and on that plant, and they all aint flowering, just that one bud strangely, I suppose it means that bud aint useable, unsure…, I mean, it is on final flush anyway, and ready for a 24 to 48 hour dark period before cut down drying, in the house now.

The other plants, I see no yellow flowers, …dang, I hope they don’t start seeding, I mean, I watered everything good this morning with last week of booster, …and they are wet but in pressed paper five gallon pots. I mean, I feel like going out and giving final flush on all seven, …I am sure they are far enough along, over nine weeks of flowering, and lots of buds, to have plenty of go power, and I could care less about enough “THC”, I mean, I wouldn’t mind some mind blowing “CBD” pain relief in the form of brownies and cookies with edibles, cured properly for proper tastes , etc etc.

I was hoping for some last week bud enlargement for several of the plants, but right now, errr, that “bud enlargement” could mean plenty of seeds, and with my luck, they’d be all male or something. God, I feel stupid, I mean, I knew the yellow flowering thing didn’t seem “right”, I just almost thought at one point when I began to see them days ago that it meant that marijuana was “ready” or close to being ready for harvest.

I suppose what it means, is that all the plants got “pollinated” already, and that if I don’t final flush them in the next hour, and harvest them in three days, that I pretty much have seeds forming, RIGHT NOW as I type!
I won’t even go back out there unless I change clothes! Don’t want to pollinate just by getting close for final flushing, which is what I should do, then leave the tent open with the dehumidifier working the area.

They meant hermaphrodite. Male flowers appearing on your otherwise mostly female plant.

Yes, all your plants might get seed, because of those “yellow flowers” opening up and releasing their pollen. This pollen could’ve been blown onto any of your other plants, and of course it probably self pollinated as well. You need to remove any male flowers the instant they show, and hopefully before they open up and blow their load.

Some seeds won’t necessarily be the end of the world. Look on the bright side, you might have mostly feminized seeds for next season, lol, although with a higher chance of hermaphroditism themselves.

We just had a unfortunate fellow that grew a male plant to maturity and didn’t know, at least if your plant is mostly female, you will still have decent smoke, pure males are not very good for smoke at all.

Here is a link to that thread so you can see what a full male looks like:


Well, I of course like I said, final flushed all of them last night, and I figure from what I have read on instructions on the guides section that I can go ahead and put them all in 24 to 48 hour darkness after this last night of light, maybe that just means they will be wetter than I wanted them to be, …good thing I own dehumidifiers to even the score. I figure I’ll be harvesting all in the next two three days, figure there won’t be much chance for seeding.

If I end up with a few seeds, oh sure, that could be interesting, and besides that, when I did smoke I use a grinder to finely grind cannabis up, but health reasons sort of forces me to concentrate on edibles only.

I have the offending flowering plant inside and covered up with a black cloth with a dehumidifier drying its over wet pot,…maybe I had better reach in and snip off that “male” flower. I can’t believe I was so stupid.

Ya know, that plant was always strange, it was a fast growing seed, shot out of the soil so fast I originally feared it was a male even though bought as female from here, and maybe at least it will give me plenty of smoke at least…

I wonder somehow if there is an advantage to save an example of it, by cloning, for some sort of wicked twisted horticultural experiment?,…haha, well, you did mention seeds, but playing with that, maybe ending up with hermi seeds, unsure if I have the motivation later to watch out for problem plants!

I put the offending bud in a paper bag, after I cut it off, I see alot of trichomes, errrr, I’ll dry and cure that separately for the hell of it and see what I get,…the rest of the plant appears to have normal bud, unless some of the buds are trying to turn into hermies…

%%$$$Ya know, I think the entire plant was suddenly turning into a male plant, I mean, I have clear feminized buds!..but it somehow started turning into a male, getting male nodes, maybe all the buds maybe starting to turn, but they aparently have plenty of resin to turn into use, …wierd.

The biggest problem though, is that the inside of the grow tent will have to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent male pollen from pollenating future plants placed in there, I mean, I think I am really okay considering it was just a few flowers that had started to open up.

By the way, I quick dried that flowery bud in a small convection oven to dry it somewhat, and smoked some. Yeah, a mild high compared to the little amount I torched off. So, that is me trying out my first white widow, and even though quick dried pot probably makes more smoke, I guess I got a mild high from a small amount,…I knew I was toking officially, haha when I got the munchies, and I keep on eating.

…Smoked a little more later on, definitely a mild but respectable high, with plenty of munchies, almost exactly what I have been looking for, being something not to couchy locky. And the plant in question has bud all over it, and was started from seed in mid February, white widow, so the plant is old and has been through alot of “learning stresses”. The plant was extremely resistant to damage all the months of mistakes I made, I mean, makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be a strong plant for very tough outdoor conditions(as long as it was harvested before the male pollen sacks started forming), like if I figured out a way to make it seed some lowere branch buds after the main ones are removed for drying/curing in a day or so. But I don’t nothing set up for that, likely a useless endeavor anyway, I should forget the idea.

ALSO, I wanted to be clear, the few little flowers just starting to burst through hadn’t released any pollen yet, and I didn’t see any opened mature male pollen sacks in the areas affected, so technically, it hadn’t really had a chance to spread pollen like in that provided photo, not that I see, thankfully, I mean, its like they finally burst through and showing they were indeed little flowers in the last day or two.