WARNING: Growing cannabis is addictive... Stonedrus ✌

Wowsa. Never seen GC look like that. I want to bite it. :joy: :honeybee:

Is this Ilgm? I grew one out of theirs and still have beans.


It definitely looks nice
Do you have a microscope picture of the tricombs? From a USB microscope?

Mines in veg still, but I plan for it to use most of my 3x3 and then flip it.

I’m pretty confident in the genetics I purchased, unfortunately I can’t get ilgm seeds but then again I don’t need 20 of them lol.
Did you pheno hunt?

Oh look at the top of my amnesia haze auto
recently, reminds me of your bud although I had more blea Chung and fox tailing due to maxed out height.

Your kief adventure is pretty amazing, you are Qwet washing those buds to get the last tricombs off you said hey, smart move looking at them under the microscope after sifting.


Ps I ask about the tricomb pics of your GV because you say you finally nailed the tricombs so I’m interested to see what they look like when you nailed them.
The above pictures are beautiful but non microscopic hence can be deceiving


I was looking through and do not have a picture with microscope for the last harvest on trichomes. This is why I usually grow a single plant three times using the Goldilocks approach. 1st harvest is a little early, 2nd is a little late, by the 3rd I have mastered the sweet spot for that specific plant. You had asked me once why I only grow photos and not autos that’s the main reason. Your plants are not a one-and-done scenario you get to keep the best


Yeah, once you find a strain you like.
Thnx for the info and the pictures as always my friend.
I’m actually growing some landrace sativas and a Cali connect green crack right now, took two clones from all 4 plants so we will see who wins the ability to be re grown in a full grow.

Did you pheno hunt on your GC?

Just asking Incase I decide I’m not satisfied with the Cali connect genetic


When I buy seeds, it is usually only 5 of each strain. I only pop 1 at a time and will replace with another if I am not impressed with the phenotypic expression of that seed, or if health concerns arise. A seed of that same strain from the same breeder should produce a very similar plant. If you trust your breeder and the seeds you have grown from them before, then you should expect the level of potency, yield, and traits that they advertise when grown in optimal conditions. “OPTIMAL CONDITIONS” is the key phrase, as most growers are not fully dialed in all the time. This includes me. I grow out clones with multiple environments with some varying factors, usually lighting, to see how they perform. Your landrace strains will express differently from their original environment, when grown indoors depending how closely you try to match those variables. Equatorial sativas will require stronger lighting and usually a modified longer lighting schedule to develop properly, with an additional shorting of daylight at the end to ripen the trichomes fully.


I wish every breeder listed the genetic stability or class of their seeds but few do.

My strains are an F3 and an F8 so the F8 is very stable, the F3 is somewhat stable but definitely will have different phenos in there. Infact of the 4 seeds I popped for that F3, one was male, 3 were female, one I tossed and now one is clearly thinner and spiney compared to the other but I will see how these two bud out as I have taken clones from both (if the clones survive lol)

I did the same as you for my green crack fem, popped one seed and am trusting the breeder, we will see how it turns out.

Your statement of trusting the breeder is so true but I don’t like blind trust, that’s why I want transparency before I buy unless I can’t get the strain anywhere else or I know from the online community that they are the best breeder of that strain.

Optimal conditions are near impossible for home growers, you have a pretty amazing grow better than mine, I have no co2 and can’t lower my Temps at night nor can I keep the humidity as high as I would like it at times but I still consider my conditions pretty good.
Sure would be nice to have sealed veg and flower rooms with controllers and co2 lol


I am going to go on record to officially say that deseeding sucks worse then trimming. So many left to go.


Lol! Your so right, my dad gave me some seedy bud so we could pull the seeds out and I can use it as give away seed or as experiments and man that stuff was annnnnnoooooying.

You need a tumbler of some sort, if your a gun guy you should have one around.
Not sure what else would work hmmm…


I figured out why my regular status goes away every 2 months. It corresponds with my harvests and the amount of time I have to spend taking down plants and reorganizing for the next grow. It is the price you pay for being addicted to growing cannabis.


The Green Crack is excellent. Any strain that can take away my pain and give me a ton of productive energy has a permanent place in my garden.


Excellent review for GC.
I’m happy you are getting some relief from your pain my friend :v:


@Enlightened420, thank you, I hope all is well in your world. Time has once again become my limiting factor. I wish I had more time to share and interact with everyone. I visit Brian’s Utopia many times for strength and to focus my meditations to send love to all that have reached out. One day I hope to share my story there but it is not a new one. I have struggled with addictions all of my life, be it alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, money, power, the list goes on. @peachfuzz, I have been sober multiple times over many years, but always recognize my patterns of behavior and fight my demons on a daily basis. The last of which was picking up a bottle during early 2020, and not putting it down until 2021. For anyone in recovery, it is a daily battle that you will always live with the rest of your life, but it also your conscious choice during the hours that you are awake that will determine your path and shape your future. The most important voice you need to listen to is yourself, replace the self-hatred with unconditional love and it will help to free your heart and mind. Let the energy around you flow in with every breath. Breath deep into the lower dantian cleansing away the negativity. We all have the ability to change, not only ourselves but those around us as well, but the changes you want to see must start within. Green is the color of the heart chakra. My best coping approach has been to use the growing of the plants to boost the love in your heart and occupy your idle hands. Let the light in. :v: :green_heart:


Everyday seems to be a struggle for me…
Thank you deeply for sharing and caring…
I was supposed to be having a great time this weekend with my grandkids birthday , but my wife would rather see everyone hate me instead…
She loves everyone to hate me , because she does…
Its extremly sad…
All of my family loves me and wants me to be apart of their lives , she dont…
I dont understand , so i would rather drink and not even care…
Its what im good at…
:v: :sunglasses:

I have started using different colors of cups for the seedlings to help me to identify the groups of plants easier. In a few more days I will start making clones for sexing and potency testing.


Thank you for sharing,
we appreciate your strength and wisdom, our stories sound like 2 chapters from the same book…


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