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The flower time is no longer than 12/12…I only have the two reference points but if anything perhaps a bit shorter. I suspect that a controlled study would tell us that there is no difference in flower time.

My flower times are normally very close to the breeders published numbers and using the I/R boost has not changed that.

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I did see the articles on it shortening the number of days for flower when using the IR but I thought that was done with lights kept on a 12/12 schedule as opposed to shift a to 13.5 or 14 hours of light. My reasoning for the longer time period was that the longer daylight hours would translate into larger buds, and therefore more time required to produce that bud, or is the gain in photosynthesis and subsequent faster conversion of the phytochrome that is shaving the flower time back to a relatively small variance from the original 12/12 estimates. If I flower a clone on 13/11 in my seed tent it will flower for a longer time and get larger than the same clones in my 12/12 rooms. It will make the difference between a 2 liter sized bud and a soft drink sized one.


Just a theory…I think that the longer daylight period (which increases DLI by nearly 10%) makes a huge difference in the size of the buds and how long they take to develop.


Negative, Sorry. I just run 12/12 no ir.

Once a plant reaches it’s Daily Light Interval it won’t absorb more photons. So having high efficacy lights tuned to the grow space will provide you with ample light during the 12/12 interval. Running your lights past 12/12 does risk re-veg or hermi’s being produced.


12/12 all the way through.


It is almost time to pick leaves again. Time flies when you’re having fun.


@Nicky, @merlin44 Here is the tomato side of the research for IR.


To my understanding you need both the red and the far red working together 660+730nm.

You said you got a 730nm bar and thus I brought the topic up as i wanted to ensure you understood that you do need the 660nm to achieve the results you want.


All good, I do have some supplemental 660 nm in addition to the ones already in the rspec lights and vipars. They run with the main lights as well as a few IR in the vipars. The IR light bar is only running at lights out to test the ability to stay in flower with the longer daylight cycle.


Ahh yeah okay, just making sure we are on the same page and both understanding the info.

From what I gather they both work together to have the best effect, although I don’t know if that works the way you have it set up or if you would need to also run the 690nm before/after lights out.

Mine are built into my lights so they run as my main 3500k chips run but I think the ideal is to run red & far red prior then keep them on while normal lights on followed by on for a bit after main lights go off.

I can see the appeal to running a whole room, building lights from scratch and using automation controllers to control environment with lighting and other factors.


It looks neat, but I will have to see if it gets the results I want.


if not double down and get a 690nm and run it on the same timer =P

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4 days into the modified light schedule and I am picking leaves, and looking for changes in node length or density of the flowers. I do expect some stretching to take place in the existing canopy.


@Stonedrus they look good as always.
why did you go with the solvent extraction style and not with an appropriate Rosin Press?


I went with the ethanol extraction because it is easier to extract all of the cannabinoids out of the bud. I like rosin, but it is not practical for my level of consumption and using the majority as edibles. Drying, curing, sifting trichomes, and then finally pressing would add a substantial amount of time to my processing time. I have thought about getting one for only vaping, and then using the byproduct of the press for the base of a QWET, but that would be after decriminalization, and when I can commercialize.



I’m looking at those things you have as well as rosin presses haven’t fully committed to one yet.

What’s your process once you chop to get end product? Do you have a vacuum oven?

With the rosin you dont have to sift, unless your goal is to press kief only and I’m not sure why one would dot that to be honest?
One method is to dry, cure, press then take the pressed flower and do the QWET to draw the last bit out.
Another method is to freeze it and bubble hash it, this is best done with dry ice though which is fairly cheap and readily available.

From what I have read doing the QWET is also best done with dry ice.

So it’s all a process if you want good quality concentrate I Geuss.

But yeah what’s your process once you have chopped?

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Comparison pic after 7 days with the far red modified light schedule.


Veg tent is becoming a jungle. I am stripping all of the larger fans each week and they are getting bushy.


How long are your veg times on average?
I’ve currently got 4 Cali dreams hitting the 3 month mark. :grin: