WARNING: Growing cannabis is addictive... Stonedrus ✌

I used to use this great app on iPhone, it was individually customisable, it was designed for
Mindfulness. You could add in whatever frequency you wished,
as you know binaural beats work on the principle of 2 or more different frequencies simultaneously, big fan!
I have not been able to find the same app, since using Android…
Do you have any suggestions?
I also like to meditate to the frequency of the Earth,
something like this…

The app I used to was fantastic,
you could cross delta waves with gamma waves, fully customisable

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I made the decision to remove the LSD from the veg room canopy, and dropped in a net to limit the vertical growth of to remaining 4. I will spend the next few hours positioning and bending the branches around the net to get an even canopy.


I had to add a pole to give more space for the plants to spread.


Beautiful job lovely looking girls I use similar techniques in training.

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Dude the amount of time you spend in your garden to maintain those things seems like a fricking full time job, they are amazing monsters as always.
Trees outside are nice but… The hugs are such a hassle.

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It’s only a job if you consider it to be work, otherwise it is just a passion. Also I don’t sleep much.



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True that :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Need a float tank then man

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