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Absolutely beautiful. I love looking at your pics


Time for a little quality control, I wish I had access to a real lab for testing.


Got everyone in the veg tent transplanted up this morning.

  1. Knew those things were beasts.

Looking awesome as always!


You can buy an at home test kit @Stonedrus
@emgoldslo has started to use it, I was looking at them but it’s not really going to change anything for me personally.
He may be able to link the thread we talked about it and tell you the cost point, definitely would be nice for you sicne you tent to grow the same strains and that would give you an idea of what methods are producing better results.

I am wondering what you are thinking about the 660nm and the whiteness.
Seems very minor, is it not light burn, why specifically towards the reds?
I ask because I have reds and never thought I may have had the same issue


Thanks for the tag @Nicky

@Stonedrus. Here is my review on TLC. I bought all the supplies from cannalytics supply.

The more I have used it the more accurate the results have been. I have tested flower from dispensaries and have been within a 2-3 percent. I feel that is good as every bud can be different.

Let me know if you have any questions


Thank you, I will check it out.


I am looking into the potential increase in cannabinoids and terpenes around this related article. They appear to be almost all trichomes with larger bulb heads, plus the absence of the green pigments could make for a naturally light blond sift and extract.


Hmmm Intresting for sure I find whenever I get white tips it’s fox tailing lol.
Sure would love some white tips full of tricombs.

@emgoldslo thanks man, good to hear your getting that accurate I would say that’s as accurate as it’s gonna be due to the variables in the plant. Nice!

What did the whole setup Run you again?



The kit (20-25 tests) was $150 and I bought a refill (20-25 tests) for $99.

I also hit a 10% off sale when I purchased. I did see they had a Black Friday 20% off sale. I’ll probably load up on supplies if/when I see a 20% off again.

And I agree. That’s as accurate as I expected


I’ve got some green crack growing outside
Still in veg not anywhere near loved like yours.
Beautiful colour in those pistols


Hi @Nicky
I’ve got a blueberry auto that’s well past the expected flowering stage then I realized it was foxtailing that’s why I wasn’t seeing the pistols browning off.
Then I had the thought that maybe the colas before foxtailing arrived are ready.
I finally managed to get my macro lens onto the trichromes last night and it would seem im right.
Many parts of the buds are cloudy and amber yet the foxtails still clear to cloudy in colour and pistols white.
What to do what to do.
I’ve never grown auto’s or had foxtails
Can you or anyone on this thread help out.


Yeah tag me in your journal or your thread and post a pic let’s take a look, I just don’t want to clog up @Stonedrus’s journal here.


The 730nm bar came in today and I got it hung and leveled. I will be shifting the lights to 13.5 / 10.5 with the IR at 15 min before and 30 min after main lights out. Since I am shifting the light schedule at day 38 into flower I will be monitoring them very close to make sure they don’t start to reveg, and may modify the darkness as needed when it comes time to ripen the trichomes at the end.


Your running 13.5 and still flowering?

You need a 690nm.to go with that, look into the Emerson Effect.

This is why I run 3500k lights with 690nm & 720nm.
Although it matters less for autos (in my. Case)

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I did look at the data extensively. The main component I was concerned with was speeding up the phytochrome conversion at the end of daylight cycle. The theory being that the plant normally takes 2 hrs to convert, but is sped up to 30 min by the IR used after lights go out to “put the plants to sleep”

“When simultaneously exposed to light of both wavelengths, the rate of photosynthesis is far higher than the sum of the red light and far red light photosynthesis rates. The effect was early evidence that two photo-systems, processing different wavelengths, cooperate in photosynthesis.”



@merlin44, when you began using the longer daylight model with the IR at the end, did it increase the number of days for your plants in flower, as opposed to the straight 12/12 cycle that breeder estimates are based on? Ex. 63 day strain now takes 77 days, etc. @dbrn32, @imSICKkid, @Covertgrower, @Myfriendis410, do you have any info on this.


The flower time is no longer than 12/12…I only have the two reference points but if anything perhaps a bit shorter. I suspect that a controlled study would tell us that there is no difference in flower time.

My flower times are normally very close to the breeders published numbers and using the I/R boost has not changed that.

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I did see the articles on it shortening the number of days for flower when using the IR but I thought that was done with lights kept on a 12/12 schedule as opposed to shift a to 13.5 or 14 hours of light. My reasoning for the longer time period was that the longer daylight hours would translate into larger buds, and therefore more time required to produce that bud, or is the gain in photosynthesis and subsequent faster conversion of the phytochrome that is shaving the flower time back to a relatively small variance from the original 12/12 estimates. If I flower a clone on 13/11 in my seed tent it will flower for a longer time and get larger than the same clones in my 12/12 rooms. It will make the difference between a 2 liter sized bud and a soft drink sized one.


Just a theory…I think that the longer daylight period (which increases DLI by nearly 10%) makes a huge difference in the size of the buds and how long they take to develop.