WARNING: Growing cannabis is addictive... Stonedrus ✌

Word to that.
I almost got into concentrates but my girl would just consume so much I didn’t want to go down that road lol.

I unfortunately have to switch to edibles, due to a long condition that I don’t want to make worse. I still vape with my volcano from time to time but maybe once or twice a month and working on cutting it out even more.

Although I have so much oil I haven’t really made my own. It’s time to make a batch of oil for myself though.
From what I can gather it doesn’t matter what type of strain is made into an edible, it’s all getting converted by your liver anyways so I have a bit of a compost pile that’s been building and is not ready to be made into coconut oil once I carve out the time to make some.


Another technique I use is vacuum storage bags. They work well for short term storage of large amounts of weed if your RH is stable. I only use these for flowers that will be processed for extract, as they don’t stay as pretty as the ones in jars.


Ahhhh that’s what that bag was in the above picture!

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This was the GSCX from the seed tent grown on 13/11 light cycle. Had to put it next to a 1.75 everclear bottle for size reference. I don’t normally like to grow them this big because you run to much risk of bud rot.


@imSICKkid, what fulvic acid additive are you using?


It’s from customhydronutrients(dot)com

Just type in fulvic acid and it should pop up. It’s in a clear tub and says “soluble fulvic acid” on the front. Roughly $13.00 per pound


How much do you use per gallon? I’ve been using a liquid I had already but I’m about out


I keep it simple at 1g/gal


What color is it? Can you post a when you mix it up what color does it present, Think you could snap a pic for us next time?

Looks like a good product.

Shopping list:
More Silica
Fulvic acid

It’s a light brown color. Just makes the water hazy like tribus does

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I only recently read up on fulvic acid here, wowzers.

And to my understanding it’s extremely hard to test for and very expensive so the best thing is to go by color

The girls in the large tent are filling in nicely. I have been using various foliar sprays at various strengths to test the effectiveness on a light case of WPM. Good news is that I have not seen any since treating, but one batch was a little hot and I did get a touch of burn on some leaves, but they should be fine. Also I feel fairly confident in saying the white tips that we are getting are related to the proximity to the 660nm Red leds. I will continue trying to replicate it and enhance it.



Just marvelous, stunning, amazingly beautiful! :star_struck:

Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap:


Absolutely beautiful. I love looking at your pics


Time for a little quality control, I wish I had access to a real lab for testing.


Got everyone in the veg tent transplanted up this morning.

  1. Knew those things were beasts.

Looking awesome as always!


You can buy an at home test kit @Stonedrus
@emgoldslo has started to use it, I was looking at them but it’s not really going to change anything for me personally.
He may be able to link the thread we talked about it and tell you the cost point, definitely would be nice for you sicne you tent to grow the same strains and that would give you an idea of what methods are producing better results.

I am wondering what you are thinking about the 660nm and the whiteness.
Seems very minor, is it not light burn, why specifically towards the reds?
I ask because I have reds and never thought I may have had the same issue


Thanks for the tag @Nicky

@Stonedrus. Here is my review on TLC. I bought all the supplies from cannalytics supply.

The more I have used it the more accurate the results have been. I have tested flower from dispensaries and have been within a 2-3 percent. I feel that is good as every bud can be different.

Let me know if you have any questions


Thank you, I will check it out.