WARNING: Growing cannabis is addictive... Stonedrus ✌

The deeper I dive into my memory, the more I am reminded of how long this plant has been with me… I suffered a traumatic incident in the late 80s and have been suffering with PTSD about it for most of my life. Cannabis has always been there for me, taking my mind away from some of realities that made me anxious or depressed. This 1 plant which doesn’t appear to have a lethal overdose and I have consumed quite alot in many forms has never taken a friend from me the way, opiates, meth, alcohol, depression, etc…
I love this plant, growing it, nurturing it, telling it your problems or concerns. Feeling elated and euphoric as it grows. For now I am going to leave you with what I swear was a UFO sighting, and oxygen levels or so I think.



And peace be with you.

Some UFOs in my veg tent

A UFO over a field of bud


The longer I know you, more and more, I feel we are kindred spirits.
I never knew what anxiety or PTSD were exactly, until my wife explained how they feel and I realised, my entire life has been a constant battle between the two…

Battles are made to be won
my friend. Together this community, which is special to both of us,
will rise above…

Thank you my friend,
your light shines with love :v:


Sorry it took a little while to get back to this thread, life often interrupts our plans. I have said before “Change is the only true constant in my garden” and that seems to be accurate. This journal will hopefully provide some guidance for those of us who find themselves in a similar predicament.

Warning, the growing of cannabis is addicting. You may find yourself sitting in your grow room just watching the plants grow. Hours may pass. You will tell yourself that “it’s because you want to keep an eye on them”, or maybe you say “you are exchanging CO2 with them and communing with nature” or maybe even “the lights keep my ‘SADD’ better in the winter”. You may find yourself smiling and happy when you think about your plants.

AHH, the things we tell ourselves when no one is listening.

You have invested so much time and effort in to bringing in the perfect harvest with the largest, stickiest, sweetest, most tender tasty buds anyone has ever seen. You have poured all of your love, heart, soul, sweat and even tears into this plant. You’ve raised it from a small helpless plant, training it into the massive beast that you have grown to love. You’ve topped, fimmed, scrogged, hogtied, beaten up the plant, and even apologized to it later. You try to replicate the sun with endless spectrums of light. You feed it what you think are the best nutrients, soil, or conditions for life. You read endless articles and opinions to see which practices max the potential of each seed you crack open. Everyone wants to grow their version of the best weed ever, yielding beautiful flowers coated in trichomes.

Does it ever stop? The answer is no. You will always want to grow more. It is a never-ending cycle. With the expectation that next batch may be than better than the last. There are infinite phenotypes that will grow best in your own conditions, and once you are started down the long road of growing your own cannabis you will never want to put the lights away.

This is what your personal hobby garden turns into.

This is your Morning Coffee

What your freezer will look like.

Everything becomes sticky.

I can honestly say that the growing of the cannabis is as much a part of my health and well-being as the using of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

I have tried to get the same rush from growing tomatoes, peppers, or whatever else I’ve sprouted, but nothing else even compares to the anticipation and euphoria of growing the highest grade of medical and recreational cannabis.

This next flower cycle will have 1 GSCX and 1 LSD both sitting in 20 gallon pots in a single 4X4 tray in a 10x10 flower tent. I am using CO2 during veg, with ALOT of light. They suffered a little transplant shock and nute lock issues related to high ph. I have flushed and adjusted the soil, and the abundance of new growth at the base of each plant tells me they are starting to spread their roots.

My family enjoys competitive Zen stones stacking, how would you spend an eternity?

Peace, Love, and Happy grows to all…

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Set to watching your grow! Excited for this. I’ll be SCROGing for the first time next grow so I’m looking to pick up some knowledge here!


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I’ve been tuned to watching since the beginning, my friend :v:

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Set to watching. Not only for the plants but for the possibility of a little enlightenment along the way.


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Catchy title full of truth


Use epoxy, youll win every time! :laughing:

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Thanks for the tag ! Stone stacking interesting but that would be new to me. Looks like a challenging game. Set to watch Good Luck

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I am now tagging along as well :grin:

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